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Are you looking to renovate your bathroom? Or you happen to be in the construction sector? Well, if you belong to either of these two groups, then you might be looking into toilets to install new or renovated houses. This might not be an easy task, as you might think.

Thankfully, you have us to help you out. We are going to give you a brief description of all the best toilet brands you will find available at stores and even online. With all the information, you will be able to make up your mind on which one will be the best one for your bathroom.

The Best Toilet Brands

We are going to name the cream of the crop in no particular order, all of them are the very bests you can find, which will give you the best service. And we will name particular toilets that have the best features, so you know what kind of toilet to get from which brand.

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American Standard

American Standard has been in the market for a very long time, and at this time, they have been able to win over millions of clients, all thanks to the kind of products they sell. You will be able to find both one and two-piece toilets made by the brand, and they also made toilets in different shapes and sizes, so you are able to fit it anywhere.

American Standard toilet

The American Standard Champion 4 meets all the requirements we might have from a toilet. And the first thing I’m going to be talking about is the bowl itself. Now, the toilet itself is very curvy, so you get both the comfort as well as ease of cleaning with the EverClean surface it has.

Moreover, you will see that it is the perfect length for people of almost all heights. If you look at the ADA recommendation, you will see that the height of this toilet has been made as per the optimal height.

This toilet uses 4 flush valves that are able to flush 1.6 gallons on the water every flush. And it has a capacity of flushing 1 kilogram/ 2.2 lbs at one time. This is higher than your standard toilet by 70%.

American Standard toilet seat

There is a lot to this toilet, which is why it has made its way into our list. Many tests have been performed on it so that the user has the best experience without facing any problem.


KOHLER is one of the market leaders when it comes to bathroom attachments and accessories, and they have been in this business for a very long time and have earned a name for the quality of the products they make and sell. The mechanism of the toilet will keep it going to a long time without any complications.

Also, the K-3718-0, in particular, is one of their top sellers because of the modern and retro look along with a commendable flushing system.

KOHLER toilet

You might like using this toilet in particular as it reduces the amount of water wasted while flushing. It requires only 1.2 gallons of water to flush efficiently. Other toilets would require more water to present the same results. So, with the advanced technology, you are able to limit your bills too.

Another big factor you must consider while choosing a toilet is how easily it will get dirty and how the cleaning process is going to look like. With the KOHLER toilet, you will have a very easy time with the cleanup.


With time we are seeing a lot of innovation in different sectors, now this particular brand produces toilets much smarter than the regular toilets we see everywhere. Toto toilets have a remote control, so you will be able to get a lot of work done using those remotes.

Along with that, this has some automatic built-in features which will enhance your experience. This is going too far more than you could comprehend as it has a suction that allows a wash with warm water, and afterward, there is a drying option with warm air.

Toto Toilet

Moreover, there are many more things you will get if you choose to purchase this. The illumination option at night time, for example, is one of them.

And the Toto Neorest Dual Flush, in particular, has an adjustable seat that will go up and down on its own with a press of a button. So, essentially, you will not really have to do much of anything if you do decide to buy it.

Now, as for the height, it is exactly according to what the ADA standards are, so you will not end up with numb legs from sitting for a bit too long.


By now, we have gone over a few of the best toilet brands you could find in the market. But the list would be incomplete if we didn’t include the Saniflo on our list. And as a result, you would be missing out on one of the best ones.

This is based in France and was founded in 1960. Since then, they have been producers of some of the best toilets in the market. One of their best sellers, the SANICOMPACT 48, is one of the finest compact toilets you will see. You will get all the utilities of the toilet, but it will not have a very big presence in the bathroom.

saniflo toilet

And this is especially needed if your bathroom is on the smaller side. As it is smaller than most toilets, you should be able to fit it almost anywhere, even in your garage.

Along with that, you will be very pleased with its motorized pumping system, which will flush out all the waste without any problem. The toilet does not have a tank to store the water, rather this uses water from the main supply line to flush.

Moreover, the icing on top of this toilet is the amount of water it uses for each flush, which is just 1 gallon. With this, it is able to get all the waste out without any problem. On top of all that, it reduces your water usage with each flush.

Final Words

There you have it folks, these are the best toilet brands you can find. Each of them is great in its own way. Now you need to decide which one fits your requirements.

I hope you found this useful in your decision-making process!

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