How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw

To set an innovative interior look at our home, we often need to work on tiles, ceramics, stones, and materials like that. But no ordinary saw can be used to cut any of these rigid materials. If we use a regular circular saw, then the tile or stone might break or even damage the saw due to excessive heat.

A particular saw is required for this task, and that is called a tile saw or a wet tile saw. It is designed in a specific way to cut strong, hefty and brittle materials like ceramics and stones.

Tile saw can be both manual and motorized. For beginners, a motorized tile saw is comparatively more suitable for easy operation and smooth finishing.

What is A Tile Saw?

tile saw

A tile saw is an equipment used to cut heavy materials like tiles and stones. It is used wet with a water pump inserted in it, that is why it is also called a wet tile saw.

The diamond cutting blade is used with this kind of saw. It ensures precise cutting of the material according to the need of the design and also takes a minimum amount of time giving the best possible output. Yes, you can cut tiles without tile cutters but not professionally.

Functions of A Tile Saw

  • A wet tile saw allows the user to cut the edge of thick materials according to the need for design.
  • Ceramics or stones cannot be cut with sharp blades. Rather than cutting through, it breaks the material. A tile saw is made of a comparatively dull blade with no roughness for easy cutting of thick materials.
  • A tile saw can be easily carried to your work station and set on any tabletop.
  • For a beginner, it is safe to use because the diamond blade used in a tile saw does not cut through human skin. It is meant for cutting hard rock-like materials only.

Why is ATile Saw Used Wet?

Interestingly a tile saw is always used wet. It comes with a water pump and hose to saturate the cutting area. There are multiple reasons behind it:

To Reduce Dust

While cutting ceramics, stones or any other thick materials, it produces an enormous amount of silica dust. It makes the work station untidy creating interruption to your work.

At the same time, it is harmful to your health. If silica dust is inhaled in a large amount, it might lead to lung cancer. But continuous water flow reduces the production of these harmful particles saving you from unwanted hazards.

To Make A Cleaner Cut

If you dry cut, the friction will create excessive heat and will end up cracking the material – water works as lubricant and coolant for both the blade and the content.

To Increase The Durability of Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are commonly used in a tile saw. But honestly speaking such blades are not of high quality. If used dry, the excessive heat causes the blade to crack, break or even melt on your precious material.

Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure the durability of the blades to avoid financial loss. And the easy solution is using a wet tile saw. The penetrated area allows the blade to function smoothly and effortlessly.

Types of a Wet Tile Saw

Wet Tile Saw

There are two kinds of wet tile saws. They are differentiated based on the type of water supply fixed inside them. One has a recirculating pump in it, and the other one pulls its water straight from the source.

1. Recirculating Pump Saw

This kind of saw recirculates the water from the source, which means it keeps passing the same water which reduces wastage. Also, you can use it freely. There is no need to attach it to a water source. Once you have refilled it, you are good to go.

2. The Freshwater Source Saw

Fresh-water source saw are the kind of saws that continuously dredge water from the source. It does not reuse it, and every time it will draw clean water. It does not have a pump system, rather sprays on the area.

However, the drawback is that its water consumption rate is very high, and the workstation has to be attached to the water source.

Buy or Rent: Choosing The Better Option

A tile saw is a specialty tool, and the usage is very much limited. Other than cutting tiles, rocks there is no other function of it. So it is highly unlikely that you will use it every day. There are varieties of options available with the different price range. It usually starts from 100$ to 700$. You can also rent one. Renting charge usually ranges 50$ to 70$ per day.

So your decision will depend on the length of your work. If you have only one room or a small portion to work with, then renting will be cost-effective for you. But when you need it for longer hours, then renting will cost you a good deal of money. Instead, you should buy a new one from the available options. 

The Process of Cutting Rocks Using a Tile Saw

Cutting Rocks Using a Tile Saw

It sounds like a very challenging job to cut a stone. But if you have the right kind of tool, you do not need any superpower to cut stones. You can do it by yourself sitting at home.  The only tool you need is a tile saw. You can either buy it or rent it, according to your preference.

  • Set your tile saw on a strong table or platform. Insert a diamond blade to it. Diamond cutting blades are specially designed to cut hard materials like ceramics and stones. The edge of those blades is not sharp, and so it is safe to use. Interestingly, it will cut the stones but won’t harm your fingers.
  • Most of the tile saws have a chamber below, which needs to be filled up with water. There is a pump right above the blade which will keep the water running to wet the blade and the stone.
  • Fill a bowl or sink with water and rest the stones in it for a while. It is better if you have the best stainless steel utility sink.
  • You are now set to start your work. Grab the wet stones one by one. There is a carriage system to move the stones through the blade. You can adjust it according to the size of the stone. Hold the stone with both of your hands and just slide it through the running blade.
  • Do not forget to put on safety goggles and mask. This process creates the amount of dust which might be harmful to your eyes and hinder your breathing.



A simple touch of stonework can change the look of our interior dramatically.  It sounds gigantic to cut stone but with the help of wet tile saw the process becomes very simplified.

The blades used in a tile saw are user-friendly; hence you can use it without any worry of cutting your fingers. It is now simpler and more convenient for you to design your home and accessories with various stones and gems to pull the best desired interior look. If you are looking for something similar, you can check out the QEP 22400Q tile saw or the porter cable PCE980.

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