How To Install Wood Look Tile On Concrete

Wood Look Tile is the latest trend that is getting very popular for the past couple of years. You will see your friends, neighbors or even your colleagues having wood look tiles installed in their home.

There are a few strategies that can be used while installing wood look tile on a concrete floor. Some of these include choosing the right thin set, aligning the tiles accordingly, and using a grout joint with less thickness. Carpets should also be removed before beginning the installation.

Not only it looks pretty when installed on concrete, but it also brings class along with it. People might compliment the overall architecture of your home or your collection of the classic 90’s CDs.

They will be awed entirely when they gaze at the floor. The lavish-looking wood look tile will make them curious about the sources and immediately make them wish they had it across their floors.

To maintain the tiles’ beauty, the woods need to be refinished regularly so that the surface does not get rough and looks old. Accidental water spillage can damage it, and discoloration can take place on it. So, it is better to be careful while doing anything involving water.

Following the article, you will find a way to install the tile on concrete as you have to stumble upon different problems while installing it.

Here’s how you can install it smoothly by overcoming the challenges.

Characteristics of Wood Look Tile

wood tile

The durability and maintenance of good look tile is very convenient for the people using these tiles. Because of its design, specifications and other beneficial stuff, wood look tile is much more appealing to people, and its demand is growing daily. 

You will be surprised to know that the surface of the tile is not leveled. Though it looks level from the top, the position of the center point is higher. If the pattern of the tile that you have installed is in an offset manner, lippage will be created.

This happens due to the thickness and variation in the height of the tiles next to each other. This problem will cost you a huge amount of time. Your project will not be able to finish within the desired time. To avoid this, the solution has been provided in the next point.

How To Install Wood Look Tile On Concrete?

How To Install Wood Look Tile On Concrete

Minimize the Risk of Lipping

Make sure the floor is leveled before you start the installation process. The tile should not exceed one-eighth of an inch deviation for every ten feet. Check the floor surface to find any areas that are uneven.

Mainly check for any pointed tops or the presence of any holes. You can use chalk to find any deviation in your drawing line. Find the holes or peaks and make a cross or circle around them with a pencil or tape for indication.

Measure how deep the hole is using your trowel. Clean the floor surface using the vacuum cleaner or water and sponge. Make sure there is no debris left. Apply mortar with an appropriate thickness to cover the hole and use your trowel to spread it evenly. For peaks, use a grinder to smoothen the floor surface.

Get the Right Mortar Thickness

thick mortar

For the installation to sustain for a long time, you have to make sure that the mortar is blended perfectly and is mixed evenly. This process is mandatory as the intention of having even a mixture of mortar is to achieve a strong bond.

Take a bucket and start pouring water. You will notice that the mixing process is more straightforward and you won’t have to put much physical strength to this.

If powder were added first instead of water, mixing would have been tight. Along with that, do not be in a rush. Stir it with patience for around ten minutes.

Spread the Mortar

Spread the mortar to the clean floor evenly

Spread the mortar to the clean floor evenly. Do not apply too much at one time as it takes around 15-20 minutes to set up. If you have accidentally spilled on an area, spread it accordingly.

Use A Tool to Level the Tiles

Use A Tool to Level the Tiles

The tool to level the tiles is very modern compared to other similar tools. Though you have managed to cover the holes and grind the peaks for a smooth flat surface, lippage can still occur.

So, with the help of this tool, it will join the tiles to make sure they are adjusted perfectly flat onto the concrete when the mortar is drying.

Another tool for getting your work done smoothly in this type of flooring is tile spacers. These are mainly small pieces of plastics that are placed between the tiles to keep them at an equal distance from each other.

Strategies You Can Use While Installing

Strategies are pretty similar to what we have discussed in tiling a shower wall. These strategies are described below which will make your DIY installation finish with ease:

Go For The Right Thin Set

If you want your project to go smooth without any hurdles, choose the perfect thin set for your installation. For large format tiles, more thin sets are required. So, you have to spend a bit more on that. 

Choose the right brand for the thin set. Take advice from experienced project workers about the perfect brand needed to get the job done more simply.

Align The Tiles Accordingly

Place the tiles and run them from one end of the room to the other. Start with 2-3 rows. This is a good strategy for paying attention to the alignment of the tiles.

While doing this, use the tool to level the tile to make sure that the first row is smooth and flat. After finishing the first row, go for the next one and continue this process.

Do Not Use A Grout Joint With Less Thickness

For filling the gaps between the tiles, grout joint is a must need. If you are planning on using a less thick grout joint even though the tiles are not evenly flattened, then you are making way for the onset of lippage.

The joint will make the problem even worse. So, use a wider grout joint and prevent the lippage from occurring.

Remove the Old Carpets

Rip the old carpets with a sharp knife and cut it into strips. Roll the strips and wrap them up with duct tapes. After that, remove the old nails.

Be careful not to cut yourself while removing. You do not need to visit a doctor while you are planning on installing wood like the tile on the concrete floor. Use a hammer and other nail picking tools for this purpose. Removing old tiles might also be necessary.

Go for A Small Offset

Your main target is to avoid lippage problems while installing the tiles. Offset patterns are one of the sources for lippage problems. Pay attention during the installation about how tiles are offset from one another.

As the offset gets larger, the level of lippage problems gets even higher. So, it is better to keep the limit of offset as small as possible. The best is to keep the limit not more than 1/3rd of a tile (33%).



A bit of time and dedication is needed to make your vision of installing wood look tile come true. In the upcoming future, you will see this installation in everyone’s home as the demand is increasing constantly.

Take advice from people who have done this installation and find the obstacles they have faced and gather solutions from that. You might also want to do the math for the costing of tiles.

Hopefully, this article will give you the overall knowledge you were searching for. You should also look for the correct way to calculate the number of tiles needed.

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