How to Clean Outboard Tilt Tube

It has been a common question among many users about how to clean outboard tilt tube?

Well, to proceed, you first need to assemble your boat in proper condition. Then, continue cleaning the engine tilt tube. However, ensure that you properly disassemble the components as if the steering component is damaged or stuff, this can lead to steering failure.

So, to prevent any such issues, we’ll elaborately explain the entire cleaning procedure further in this blog.

How Do You Remove a Steering Cable from a Tilt Tube?

Many people think removing the steering cable from the tilt tube is challenging. However, there are some specific points that you have to follow to remove your steering cable easily.

Disconnect Your Steering Cable

Firstly, you must disconnect the steering cable from the steering helm and the engine. To do this, you will need a wrench to loosen the bolts holding it. Remember to get yourself a sturdy and easy-to-operate wrench to make your work simple and less time-consuming.

Pull the Cable with a Rope

After that, you will need to get a rope. The role of this rope is to assist you while you pull the cable back through the boat. At the end of the helm, tie the rope to pull the cable through from the engine end.

Note: You have to pull the cable with care, or you might damage the control box. Don’t cut the rope; leave it where the cable was located because you will need it to pull it back.

Take Measurements and Install the New Cable

Finally, take measurements of the new cable, and you can finally locate the new one. So, to install the new cable, tie the helm end of the new cable to the rope and then pull from the helm side of the boat gently.

Continue the process until the cable comes all the way through. Don’t forget to use marine grease to lubricate the outside of the tube and the inner telescoping ram.

How Do You Clean an Outboard Steering Cable?

It is crucial to keep your outboard steering cable clean. Keeping it clean will keep it in a well-functioning and maintained order.

When the outboard steering cable is in perfect working condition and in good working order, you’ll have proper and reliable control over your boat. You have to follow specific steps to clean an outboard steering cable.

Assemble Your Boat in Proper Working Condition

Firstly you have to make sure that certain things on your boat are correctly assembled, such as the cables, steering wheel, and helms. Then you have to check for certain signs. For instance, you have to check whether there are any signs of binding, stiffness, and wear.

Being a boat user, you must know that these parts cannot be easily repaired. So you have to replace any damaged component.

Note: A common mistake that many people make is that they try to disassemble these items. Disassembly of any of the compartments may lead to severe steering failure. If you find any steering cable that is stiff or damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

Clean the Engine Tilt Tube

For the second step, you’ll have to precisely clean the tilt engine of the tube and also the steering cable output ram. Then you also have to lubricate these components. There are certain ways of doing these things.

  • First, remove the steering cable and the telescoping ram from the tilt tube.
  • After that, clean the inside of the tilt tube thoroughly. Remove the corrosion present in the tilt tube. For this, you will require a wire brush. You have to wipe the tilt tube until all the corrosion is removed. To lubricate your tilt tube, an excellent water-resistant grease is required.
  • With the help of a wire brush, clean the steering cable. Then you have to use the marine grease again to perfectly lubricate all the sliding parts of your telescopic ram properly.
  • Lastly, reassemble all the parts correctly, ensuring that all of the fasteners are well intact and tight.

Why is My Steering Wheel Hard to Turn on My Boat?

It is impossible to enjoy a boat ride without a proper steering wheel. With time, normally, your steering wheel will show problems.

Before taking it to a repair shop to fix the problem, it is essential to know why your steering wheel is hard to turn on your boat. Also, we have covered some solutions to this problem.

Lack of Lubrication

“Lubrication is a way to minimize friction between two surfaces. When there is no lubrication, the friction between two surfaces will cause the temperature to rise, which in turn will add to the friction, rinse repeat…” says Jack Minneboo, a former Marine Engineer, in a Quora answer.

In most cases, the steering wheel becomes hard to turn when there isn’t enough grease on the motor. When you find that your steering wheel becomes unusually stiff, apply an adequate amount of grease to the motor.

Grease helps you keep the components moving. As a result, the components will function properly as they are well-intended. You must apply lubrication to the motor regularly.

Steering Cable Corrosion

Due to corrosion around your steering cable, you will find difficulty turning the boat’s steering wheel. Over time rust and corrosion will appear on the cable, and it will restrict the normal movement of your steering wheel.

The corrosion process occurs faster if you use your boat often in seawater. Salt increases the rate of corrosion. The solution to the problem is to clean the cable by scrubbing it thoroughly.

You will find many high-quality motor cleaning products that work like magic on steering cables for cleaning. However, if the corrosion has eaten through the cable, it will be wise to replace it.

Grease Entering the Support Tubes

Being a boat user, you must be aware that every boat has support tubes located on the top of the engine. And the support tubes contain grease fittings. Sometimes, some greases from the fitting tubes get sucked into the support tubes.

As a result, the grease gets pumped up onto the cable jacket. When this occurs, you will face a phenomenon known as the hydraulic lock. It is one of the complex problems you will face. And the only solution to this problem is that you have to replace the entire cable.

What is an Outboard Tilt Tube?

On every boat’s motor, you will find a tilt tube. A tilt tube is the steering cable that runs through and into the motor.

It is also known as the “hinge” of a boat’s motor. The function of the tilt tube is to lean down and up while you are using the tilt and trim control.

If required, you can replace the outboard motor’s tilt tube of your boat’s motor as a part of the winter layup. Moreover, you can change it anytime you want.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your outbound tilt tube may appear to be a difficult task. However, to make things simple for you, we have covered all the effective ways that you may implement to tackle any troubleshooting about your outbound tilt tube. Till then, happy boating.

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