How to Vacuum Faster

I’ve met a few people who love vacuuming, but a majority (me included) only want to get done with it. However, you don’t only want to vacuum faster, you want it to be fast and effective.

Also, although there are other ways of cleaning, such as mopping or sweeping, vacuuming is the most effective way of cleaning. Vacuums can collect even the tiniest particles, bacteria, and allergens from your space.

I’ll be sharing my top tips on how to vacuum faster in this article, so stay with me to the end.

Tips to Speed Up Vacuuming

Here are some tips I’ve mastered that help me vacuum faster.

Get the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

The first step of vacuuming faster is getting the right vacuum cleaner for your floor or carpet. Every vacuum is different, and they have different features and functionalities. There are also different types of vacuums – you can either go for an upright vacuum or a handheld vacuum.

You also want to go with a vacuum from a quality brand for great performance. Even with all the tips in the world, you can’t vacuum well or faster with a bad vacuum.

Clean the Filters

vacuum cleaner filter cleaning

The pace of your cleaning is highly affected by the condition of your filters. If your filter is filled with dust and debris, it may not perform to its full capacity.

To avoid inconvenience, always replace the filters every six months or clean them if they’re washable. Having clean filters help in speeding up the vacuuming process because it boosts the devices’ suction power.

Vacuum Maintenance

Vacuum Maintenance

A well-maintained vacuum cleaner will vacuum faster than one with airflow leaks or a leaking hose pipe. Ensure your vacuum is in good condition and ready for the job before you start vacuuming.

This can be achieved by taking your vacuum to a professional for servicing or using DIY hacks like lubricating the moving parts every month.

Begin by Sweeping

Sweeping before vacuuming may seem tedious, but it saves you a lot of time. It helps get rid of big particles lying on the floors. Some of these particles can slow down your vacuum cleaner if they’re sucked in. It will be faster and easier to vacuum a clean floor.

Have a Vacuuming Schedule

It’s hard to commit to vacuuming if you don’t have a specific day aside for the duty. Every time I casually say I’ll vacuum during the weekend, something comes up. Now, I have Monday, Wednesday and Friday set as ‘vacuuming day.’ It was hard to commit at first, but it’s got easier with weeks of doing it.

Regular vacuuming has a lot to do with speed vacuuming because dirt and dust buildup over many days or weeks will slow down the process. It’s advisable to vacuum thrice a week, but if you’re a pet parent (especially for a high-shedding dog-like Golden retriever), it’s recommended you vacuum every day.

Spot Treat Before Vacuuming

Although vacuuming can help clean notorious debris, vacuuming may not be enough for carpets or rugs with stains.

If your carpet is stained, start by pouring spot removers or other powerful cleaning chemicals to make the process easier. This should be ideally done 20 minutes before vacuuming for best results.

Move the Furniture Before Vacuuming

It’s easy to push the furniture and casually brush through the corners as you vacuum. However, this would be unacceptable if you were employing a cleaning company, and you should set the same standards for yourself. Move the furniture around before vacuuming and return it into place as you vacuum.

Plugin the Vacuum at the Right Place

Where you plug in a vacuum is very important – you want it to be strategically positioned in the room where you’re finished vacuuming. This will ensure you don’t slow down moving the cord during cleaning. It also prevents you from putting footprints all over the carpet immediately after cleaning it.

How to Vacuum Faster (Wrapping Up)

I love it when I save even ten minutes during vacuuming. And sometimes, it’s not even about the time; it’s about making the process shorter.

The secret is preparing well for vacuuming before you start, using the right tools, and having a vacuuming routine.

If I left any other helpful tips for speeding up vacuuming, let me know in the comment section.

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