How to Keep Rear View Camera Clean

Imagine parking your car in an overcrowded parking lot beside the grocery shop, and suddenly you hit something behind. Why would that happen, you ask? Well, it’s because you had a dirty rearview camera.

Now the question is, how to keep the rearview camera clean?

To begin with, grab yourself a microfiber cloth and wet one side of it with water or alcohol solution. Then use the wet side to wipe the camera. Then use the dry end of the cloth to wipe it again. Now, since the majority of the dirt is removed, repeat the wiping process to clean the camera properly.

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Stick with this write-up for further insight into this topic and some common reasons for a foggy rearview camera lens.

How to Keep Rear View Camera Clean?

People always make a fuss when things come down to cleaning. We know cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and we’ve heard you. Hence, we’ve gone ahead and made the necessary preparations to make the cleaning process feel like a breeze.

So without further ado, let’s move into the steps you should follow when cleaning your car’s rearview camera.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Vehicle Completely

To make sure things turn out smoothly, you need to make your workplace safe. We all know electricity and water do not go along well. Since we would be dealing with a lot of liquid for cleaning, it’s wise to cut the power completely.

Step 2:  Grab Yourself Some Isopropyl Solution

Keep Rear View Camera Clean

In most cases, the cause of a foggy camera could be due to all the dirt and grime stuck onto the camera and the lens because of moisture. Hence to remove the dirt, you need a microfiber cloth.

Apply the isopropyl solution to one end of the microfiber cloth and wipe the rearview camera itself. Then use the dry end of the cloth to wipe the camera again—this sequence of motion smudges off the dirt and debris from the backup camera.

You could also use water or car wash soap solution if you don’t have isopropyl solution at home. Follow the sequential process again and again to remove all the dirt and debris accumulated on the backup camera.

Step 3: Clean the Camera Lens Following A Similar Method

Clean the rear view Camera Lens

The camera lens could be sensitive to certain chemicals, such as the isopropyl solution itself. Hence, using water to clean the camera lens would be a wise choice. Also, using a microfiber cloth is a must, as using any other cloth might have a risk of scratching the lens.

Similarly, follow the method above by getting one end of the cloth wet and wiping the camera lens with that end, then using the dry end to wipe the lens again. Repeat the method several times until all the grime has left the camera lens.

You’ll be left with a nearly new automobile rearview camera. Then, to maintain the lens clean and in good shape, apply water and dirt-repellent coating.

How Do I Stop My Reverse Camera from Getting Dirty?

dirty rear view camera

You all have possibly heard the saying that prevention is better than cure. This is quite true. Taking precautions for something is much less tedious than trying to cure the problem. This applies to your reverse camera as well.

Now there are three popular methods of stopping your reverse camera from getting dirty. Let’s take a peek into them, shall we?

Apply A Dirt and Water Repellent on the Camera Lens

Having to clean your car backup camera quite often makes it a little too tedious. However, this could be prevented by coating the camera lens with a water and dirt-resistant product like the Rain-X.

This would repel the dirt and grime the next time to get on a muddy driveway. Thus, keeping the camera in optimal condition.

Try Repositioning Your Camera

If you’re taking your car on a long drive with muddy swamps and water puddles quite often, then your rearview camera could get quite messy at times. Hence, positioning the camera a little farther from the road may save you from the occasional splattering of dirt and mud.

Get A Camera Cover to Shield the Rearview Camera

This is the most effective method you could use to protect your rearview camera from the ugly dirt and grime. It prevents the camera from accumulating dirt by shielding it from them. Although unaffecting the vision of the camera.

This could cost a little more than the dirt and water repellent coating product. However, this is more effective than the repellent coating itself. So, head right away to your local store to grab one for your car backup camera.

How Do I Keep My Backup Camera from Fogging Up?

Now, if your camera keeps fogging up quite often, there might be a number of reasons behind it. However, it’s not impossible to pinpoint the root of the problem. So let’s look into them.

If your camera is dirty and hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then this might be an issue. However, even though you cleaned your backup camera and it’s still fogging up, then the cause of it might be due to faulty or damaged wires and cables.

If there isn’t any visible wire damage, sometimes this could also occur because of foggy or unsuitable weather. After all, climate change is so unpredictable nowadays.

How Do I Clean A Foggy Backup Camera Lens?

If your camera isn’t dirty but turned foggy due to unpredictable weather conditions, you could simply wipe it off using a warm microfiber cloth. This would remove the fogginess temporarily.

However, if there’s a problem with the wiring and cables leading to the fogginess of the lens, then looking for a disconnected wire and connecting it using electrical tapes might help fix it. Furthermore, a manual factory reset of the camera lens has also been proven helpful in removing fog.

How Do You Clean Rear Camera Lens?

Cleaning the rear camera lens is just as easy as it sounds. The process is similar to the method discussed in the above sections. In case you missed it, here we go again.

Grab yourself a microfiber cloth and make sure not to use any other cloth as other types of cloth may have a risk of scratching the lens. Then get one end of the cloth wet with a water solution, then wipe the lens with the wet part. Now use the dry end to wipe the lens again.

Repeat the process following a similar method until the camera lens looks new again and all the dirt and grime have been removed. Do not use any other solution than water as the other solution types may damage the camera lens.


Backup Cameras are one of the most beneficial safety tools that come pre-installed on most vehicles. Hence, making sure that they are regularly maintained is a necessity. Also, if your rearview camera is not operational anymore, you should get it replaced with a new one.

Furthermore, it has been a delightful journey to accompany you with your quest. If you’ve kept your eyes on this article from the beginning till now, then you should be able to clean your car’s rearview camera all by yourself.

Whether you’re a daily enthusiast or a regular driver, you should always take care of the rearview camera of your vehicle. This little routine maintenance may even save you from any future mishaps. Till then, stay clean and stay safe!

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