How to Clean Foggy Rear View Mirror

A humid interior of a car is often the cause of a foggy rearview mirror on a cold day. The rearview mirror plays a big role in preventing accidents as it lets you watch your back while driving. During critical situations, a clean mirror can not only save your own life but can also save your loved ones.

However, with a couple of basic tips and tricks, it is quite easy to clean foggy rearview mirrors. One of the tricks you can try is to use a dry clean cloth. Foggy mirrors are usually wet. So, wipe with a clean cloth until the dirt and the foggy texture on the mirror are gone.

Keeping the rearview mirror clean is essential for your safety when driving. Having a foggy rearview mirror makes driving pretty difficult. Since the vision at the back is blocked. If you want to save yourself and others, then learn how to clean rearview mirrors by sticking to the end.

How to Clean Foggy Rear View Mirror

On a rainy or cold winter day, rearview mirrors tend to get foggy. Which tampers the driver’s safety and makes the rearview unclear. If this problem is ignored for a long time, the mirror gets completely blinded by fog. For a safer driving session, follow these simple steps below to get rid of the fog on your mirror:

Step 1: Spray Vinegar on a Clean Cloth and Rub the Mirror with It a Few Times

Rub the Rear View Mirror for clean

Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle. Then spray some vinegar on a clean cloth. Now rub the mirror with the cloth a couple of times. Applying vinegar to the mirror will help get rid of the stains. However, remember not to spray vinegar directly on the mirror. Doing that will leave spots on it.

Step 2: Spray Your Preferred Glass Cleaner on a Clean Cloth and Start Wiping

Use Glass Cleaner to Clean Rear View Mirror

Pick your favorite glass cleaning solution. And spray some of it on your clean cloth. Next, start wiping the glass with it. Wipe a couple of times until you see your mirror shine. Glass cleaner helps to remove dirt and make the mirror as shiny as before.

Step 3: Ge Rid of the Residual Solvent on the Mirror by Rubbing It with a Paper Towel

Rubbing Rear View Mirror with a Paper Towel

After wiping with the glass cleaner, some residual solvent can be stuck on the mirror. One nice way to remove it is by rubbing the mirror with a disposable paper towel. Keep rubbing until you remove all the residual solvent on the mirror. When that’s done, your rearview mirror is successfully cleaned.

How Do You Defog Rearview Mirrors

Defog Rearview Mirrors

Defogging rearview mirrors is not that hard. Foggy mirrors are hard to avoid, especially on a snowy day. It is an irritating problem as it happens quite regularly if you live in a cold-weather environment. To defog and prevent fog from clouding the mirror, follow these basic instructions by the letter:

Step 1: Spray a Bit of Windex on a Microfiber Cloth and Wipe the Mirror with It

Windex is a premium glass cleaning liquid with special features. It has very strong chemicals specialized for eliminating dirt, grime, grease, etc. So spray some Windex on your microfiber cloth. And wipe the mirror thoroughly until all the stains and grease get off the mirror.

Step 2: Coat the Mirror with an Anti-fog Solution

Pick an anti-fog solution of your choice and spray it on a clean cloth. Now wipe the mirror with that a few times. Wiping the mirror with an anti-fog solution will coat the glass with it. The anti-fog solution has highly powerful chemicals. That will keep the mirror defogged and protected during all sorts of weather.

Step 3: Wipe the Glass with a Dry Microfiber Cloth

Take a dry clean microfiber cloth and start wiping the mirror. Wipe until all the residual solvent is removed. Microfiber cloth’s rough surface is very effective in removing residual solvents. After wiping is done, your rearview mirror is perfectly defogged and ready to be used.

Why is My Mirror Foggy After Cleaning?

Mirrors can often remain foggy even after cleaning for several reasons. One of the main reasons for this is not removing the residual solvent. Residual solvent left on the mirror for long enough can leave stains and make it cloudy. Which, as a result, makes the mirror foggy.

Another reason for this is not using an appropriate cleaning solution. People often use other cleaning solutions rather than glass cleaning liquids. Cleaning solutions suited for different purposes don’t get the job done. Instead, it leaves spots and smudges on the glass, which makes the mirror foggy.


Rearview mirrors are crucial for efficient and safe driving as it allows you to look behind your car without turning your neck around. In addition, this mirror helps detect potential accidents before they happen. Thus, keeping your rearview mirror clean is very vital.

Although, we often end up having less time on our hands for cleaning. If that is your case, then feel free to go to your local auto repair shop, where they will use their professional expertise to clean your mirror perfectly.

Current day cars have a rear view camera alongside the rearview mirror, this camera is very effective, and that’s why cleaning it is obligatory. Assuming you want to know how to clean your rearview camera and not just how to keep it clean, we researched and shared the methods on our site.

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