How to Clean Fix-a-Flat Out of a Tire

Fix a Flat is a single-use canned tire inflator that provides a quick and temporary solution to flat tires by sealing the puncture and reinflating with pressurized gas. Now you might ask if it’s possible to clean Fix a Flat out of a tire.

Luckily it is. You can clean it with a rag or soap and water when it is in a liquid state. But if Fix a Flat has dried up, the process would be a little different.

However, that is just a preview of a complete cleaning process. To know how it is done, stick around with this write-up until the end.

Can You Get Fix-a-Flat Out of Your Tire?

Car tires undergo a lot of work and pressure during their lifetime, and getting a leak or puncture while driving is nothing unusual. That is where Fix a Flat comes in handy.

Fix a Flat basically repairs by injecting a liquid that later hardens along with some air and inflates your flat tires temporarily without using any convenient tools. But you may be wondering if you can get Fix a Flat out of your tire.

Yes, it is possible to get it out of your tire. However, it is only possible after dismounting the tire from the car and the rim. Continue reading the rest of the article to get a broader insight on this topic.

How to Clean Fix-a-Flat Out of a Tire?

After Fix a Flat has been used on a flat tire to inflate it back to its normal state for some time, it will have to be cleaned to fix the leak on the tire afterward. Keep in mind that Fix a Flat can be in both liquid and dried states. The process to clean it out of a tire in both states is as follows.

Liquid State

When Fix a Flat is in a liquid state, you’d need a paper towel or cloth rag or with soap and water, which is more preferred. After collecting the necessary items, clean Fix a Flat out of your tire.

Dried State

However, if Fix a Flat has dried up inside your tire, the process is a little different. To clean dried-up Fix a Flat, you will have to use odorless mineral spirits which can usually be found in hardware or art supply stores.

How Do You Remove Tire Sealant?

Tire sealants can be a lifesaver for the person that has got his/her tire punctured in the middle of the road. The sealant remains in liquid form because of the presence of glycol in it.

But the tires used for vehicles are very porous, leading the liquid portion of the sealant to dry off because of the internal and external heat produced while the vehicle is in motion. As a result, the sealant loses its viscosity and gradually becomes dry.

It is vital to replenish the sealant on a regular basis to guarantee that it is effective when a puncture occurs. But how exactly do you remove the tire sealant? Read the following steps to get a step-by-step guideline.

Step 1: Tire Removal

Yes, it is possible to get it out of your tire. However, it is only possible after dismounting the tire from the car and the rim. Sometimes, you can get unlucky enough get it all over the rim, in that case you have to know how to clean fix a flat off a rim first.

Step 2: Vacuuming

After removing the tire, it is necessary to vacuum the tire thoroughly, which will help loosen the sealant used in the tire.

Step 3: Wiping the Insides of the Tire

To make sure the insides of the tire are free of dust, debris, or any other particles, you’ll have to wipe the insides properly.

Step 4: Marking the Puncture and Sealing with a Patch

Find the puncture that might be caused by nails or shrapnel from the roads and mark it. Then using a patch, cover the damaged part of the tire.

Step 5: Cleaning the Sealant

Using sandpaper, first, smoothen and then remove the sealant. Keep a close eye not to damage the patch, though.

Should I Put Air in My Tire After Using Fix-a-Flat?

Yes, you should put air in your tire after using Fix-a-Flat. This canned tire inflator seals punctures up to ¼ inch and provides sufficient pressure to get the car running for a short period of time.

However, you should drive 2 to 4 miles and go to a gas station to refill the air in your tire as soon as possible. You should visit a professional car mechanic at the earliest opportunity to fix or replace the tire.

How Long Does Fix-a-Flat Last in a Tire?

As discussed before, Fix-a-Flat is a convenient solution for flat tires. But it should not be carried around the tire for too long. So how long does it last inside of a tire?

Even though Fix-a-Flat provides immediate support to your punctured tire to gain mobility for some time, it does not last a very long time.

According to the manufacturer, Fix-a-Flat has to preferably be removed within 3 days or after traveling 100 miles after application. However, it has a life span of 2 years inside the can.


Having a flat tire once in a while is very common for car drivers. Every once in a while, tires leak or puncture due to any shrapnel or nail lurking around the roads, which is very annoying. Getting the tire fixed in the middle of the road is impossible.

That is where Fix-a-Flat comes in. One can immediately get a temporary fix for a flat tire by using Fix-a-Flat.  The air in the can forces the sealant inside of the tire to find the leaking area and seal it.

However, it has to be kept in mind that this effect is temporary and has to be cleaned off when getting it repaired by a professional mechanic or tire expert after a certain period of time. By reading this article, hopefully, you have gotten some idea on this topic. We Hope you have safe journeys!

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