How to Clean Protein Shake Out of Carpet

Protein shakes can help to improve muscular performance by allowing injured muscles to heal and new muscles to grow. However, if your protein shake spills on your carpet- it can prove to be a headache. So, do you know how to clean protein shakes out of carpet?

It is not a challenging task to make a mountain out of a molehill. If you spilled the protein shake recently, you could scoop it away. Then simply use stain removers to remove the stain from the carpet.

While this is the easiest way to clean up protein shake out of carpets, it has a lot of limitations. For instance, if you let the food particle sit on the carpet for a long time- this technique will not be as effective anymore.

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How Do You Remove a Protein Shake Stain?

How Do You Remove a Protein Shake Stain

This is not only for proteins. In fact, any protein-based food item can cause a deplorable stain on your carpet. If you want to remove it you might need to follow some necessary instructions to counter this.

Pre-soaking is a decent way of preparing to remove the stain from the carpet. You can opt to soak the carpet in a bucket of water mixed with an enzymatic cleaner. Make sure that the water is lukewarm so that the cleaner will be able to work on the fabric of the carpet.

The cleaner will expose the affected parts of the carpet to heat, which will make it ready for the next steps to come. Follow these steps after you have pre-soaked your carpet:

Step 1: Remove Liquid and Solid

Use a paper towel to scoop the liquid up. If there are any solid parts, you can use a blunt knife or stills to pick up the solid.

Step 2: Wash the Carpet

Do a final machine wash in cool water. You can also choose to do hand washing. Use a detergent that contains enzymes. Add color-safe bleach if the stain has a bright or dark color. After washing, let the carpet dry in the open air.

Does Protein Powder Stain?

Protein is a substance that stains anything that it comes in contact with. Protein sources used to make protein shakes usually include eggs, bananas, chocolates, dairy products, etc have deep pigments in their constitution. This is exactly why protein spills can cause discoloration in other products.

While proteins do cause stain, that is only when they are in a liquid state. If powdered protein spills out, it will not cause any stain. It doesn’t have the chemical properties which allow the liquid to cause discoloration to other surfaces.  

The minuscule dust particles might get attached to the fur or fabric of the carpet. As a result, even when you dust the carpet, the powders might not necessarily be detached. Even if you do not spill any liquid, your carpet might get colored with different shades. Although this isn’t a stain, dried powder marks can be compared to a stain in some aspects.

How Do You Get a Protein Shake Out of a Car Seat? 

If you have spilled protein shake on your car seat, clean it up immediately. If it has been left unattended, the car seat could get damaged beyond the realm of return as the quality of the upholstery degrades and cause it to stink. Cleaning the car seats is tricky so follow the instructions closely.

·      Step 1: Soak the Affected Part

Soak up the affected part with washing agents. You can use a spraying bottle to spray the mixture on the seat cover.

·      Step 2: Remove Excess Water with Washcloth

Place a washcloth over the affected wet area and allow the water to soak in for a few minutes.

·      Step 3: Use Cleaner with No Bleach

If the seat cover is still wet or stained, use a cleaner that contains no bleach to clean the top of it.

·      Step 4: Dry the Area

 Pat the affected area to ensure that it is immaculate. You can also use a car vacuum cleaner to remove any excess specks of dust.

If you manage to follow through with these steps, your car seat will be as good as brand new. Of course, if you aren’t up for this, you could seek help from a professional as an alternative. Do note that you will need to pay a lot for this.


How Do You Clean Protein Powder Off the Floor?

Well, if the protein is in powder form- there isn’t much that you need to worry about. If it was liquid, you might have had to follow through with processes that are challenging both in appearance and in action.

If you spill protein powder on the floor, the ideal thing is to use a broom and dust the intended area clean of any powders. However, brooming is best for when the surface of the floor is smooth. In case you have a carpet, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that this is the only method. If you are up for it, then you could wash the entire carpet. Unsure about how to do the wash? Hire a professional if you can manage the budget for them.

If your floor is made from solid wood, you might need to be careful even when you use the broom to clean the floor. The powder particles could seep between the wood tiles and get stuck. You need to get your task done meticulously without making too much displacement between the powder and its original position.  



With this, you should have ample knowledge of cleaning carpet with protein shakes, it also applies for cleaning carpet made out recycled plastic. While we have given you some of the mainstream techniques of cleaning stained carpets, there are also some of the less common ones.

A satisfactory alternative technique would be to brush the affected areas with vinegar or similar acetic acid compounds.

A final piece of advice, never delay cleaning the carpets or the floor in case you spill your protein shake. If you allow the stain to remain for some time, the discoloration could become permanent. Not even a professional could be able to help you afterward.

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