Tide is a common substance that is used as a detergent for cleaning clothes. In fact, it is so common that it has been popularized to be America’s favorite detergent over any other washing agent.

Fun fact, did you know that Tide can also be used to clean your floors! Did you also know how much Tide to clean floors is required?.

Well, that actually depends on how large your floors are and how dirty they are. However, in general, you are supposed to add one teaspoon of powdered Tide to a small bucket of hot water.   

But that is not all! If you want to use Tide to clean your floors there are plenty more to learn. So scroll down and keep reading.

How Do You Clean Floor with Tide?

Clean Floor with Tide

Can you use Tide powder to clean floors? Yes, you can. Tide might be a laundry detergent. However, truly there isn’t a lot of difference between Tide and most multi-purpose cleaners, provided that they come in a powdered form.

When it comes to using Tide to clean your floor there isn’t any shortcut or trick. All you need to do is follow the instructions by the letter. However, don’t think that the instructions will be hard to follow since it is relatively easy.

Before we can begin, make sure that you have a basket and map along with the packet of Tide. We recommend that you use a spin mop bucket because of its ease of usage. Well then, let’s move on:

Step 1: Forming the Liquid Tide

Fill the bucket with hot water and pour a teaspoon of Tide powder into it. If you are thinking “can you use Tide powder to clean floors?” then the answer would be yes. Liquid Tide is the same as powdered Tide dissolved in water.

Step 2:  Mixing the Tide Properly

Stick your mop to the bucket and keep swirling till you can notice small bubbles appearing on the surface.

Step 3: Draining the Excess Water

Use the mop’s foot pedal to wring the mop dry of any excess water. Remember you do not want to make your floors too watery. The water is merely used to absorb any impurities from the floor.

Step 4: Mop the Floor

Start mopping the floor. Change the water applied as frequently as possible. You can opt to change once per room. This is what most people do. 

How Much Powdered Tide to Clean Floors?

Tide usually comes in packages of different sizes. In most countries, you can only find the powdered variation, while in the US and UK, you could also find the liquid form. If you want to use Tide you need to understand how much is considered right.

Technically, you are supposed to use the amount that you think is right for you based on your instinct. In case you can’t, you can mix 1 teaspoon of Tide with hot water in a small bucket. In addition, you can also read off the instructions as noted on the back of your packaging.

Note that when we say “teaspoon”, we aren’t talking about a real small teaspoon. We are actually talking about the small shovel that is used to transfer the powder from the package to the water.

In liquid Tide, the teaspoon is referred to as the top lid/cap of the bottles. If you detach the lid from the bottle, you will notice a calibrated measurement. You take about 1 teaspoon (as marked) of the liquid and mix it with boiling water.

Can You Mop Your Floor with Laundry Detergent?

Well, no, you can’t use your typical laundry detergent and mop your floor. Laundry detergents aren’t meant to be used as floor cleaners. They don’t even have the required components that would be needed to clean impurities from hard surfaces like the floor. They have been designed only for certain textures that are possible only for clothes.

Can you Use Tide to clean floors? Yes, you can! While you can’t use normal detergents Tide is an exception. Tide contains surfactants that allow it to clean the floor, which no regular laundry detergent can’t.

Even though Tide can be used to clean the floors, you shouldn’t become too reliant on it for floor cleaning. This is because Tide might not be hundred percent safe when it comes to floor cleaning. If it was it would have been marketed as a multi-purpose cleaner and not a laundry detergent.

Why Is Powdered Tide Good for Cleaning?

Powder Tide
Powder Tide

The thing about Tide is that even if you used liquid Tide for cleaning, it might not be as good as its powdered variant.

Powder Tide is made specifically from a combination of surfactants and enzymes. If you check out powdered Tide, you will notice that there are several colorful particles. It is these colorful particles that are surfactants and protein enzymes.

In regular cloth washing, only enzymes come into action. When you are using Tide to clean the floors, some of the enzymes act as catalysts and allow the surfactants to attach with germs, stains, and other impurities on the floor. The rest of the enzymes do their work afterward and pull the surfactants back.

In liquid Tide, you won’t get most of these enzymes that are needed to act as catalysts. Therefore, while you can clean the floor with liquid it is not as effective as powdered Tide. Powdered Tide gives a much better performance when it comes to cleaning floors, no matter what the texture.


How many tides are needed to clean floors? You should be more than aware of the answer now. While we have given you a general outlook on the thing, there are several other factors that you need to consider.

For instance, if you are going to clean the floor of a large hall that has been left dirty for an incredibly long time. You might need to use a lot more powder quantity than you usually need to.

The final advice- always change the water of your bucket as frequently as possible. This will increase the efficiency of your cleaning in the grand scheme of cleaning.

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