How to Clean Aluminum Dump Trailer

If you’ve been using a dump trailer at your workplace which is extremely rusted and corroded, you should stop now! A dirty dump trailer could contaminate the load you’re carrying and also has a higher chance of breaking.

Now you could ask, how to clean an aluminum dump trailer?

It’s actually as easy as it sounds. Firstly, you need to wipe off the debris using a good old broom. Then wash the trailer with high-pressure water, followed by an acid bath. Once the oxidation is removed, you would need to polish it to look new again.

It’s a fun task to do and satisfying as well. However, it’s quite tedious without prior experience. So, stick with us for a more accurate elaboration on this topic.

How to Clean Aluminum Dump Trailer?

Cleaning an aluminum dump trailer can sometimes be a hassle, as managing such large acid baths and wax could get tedious. Also, the safety threats are quite high. But hey! If you’re working every day with a dump trailer, then giving it a try is always worth it.

We’ve gone ahead and done the necessary preparations for you. So, follow the steps below for further insight on the process of cleaning the dump trailer.

Step 1: Removing Debris and Dirt Using Broom

Use a good old broom to wipe away dirt and debris. If there is anything hard stuck on the bed, then just scrape it off using a flat head screwdriver. Removing the dirt gives the trailer a clean look as well as makes it easier to spot the symptoms of oxidation.

Step 2: Wash the Trailer Using High-Pressure Water

Wash the Trailer Using High-Pressure Water

When you notice that the broom isn’t enough to wipe off the dirt and grime, it’s time to switch to a high-pressure hose. Now spray high-pressure water on the trailer bed to remove caked-on debris.

Make sure to not spray water frequently on wooden regions as this can cause dampening of the trailer floorboards, which can lead to needing a replacement. And to be honest, a replacement wouldn’t be cheap.

Step 3: Prepare An Acid Bath to Remove Grime

Acid Bath to Remove Grime from Aluminum Dump Trailer

You need to prepare a solution of hydrofluoric acid and then take it in a  Garden spray container. Once it’s ready, spray off the regions containing intense grime or even small signs of oxidation.

After Spraying, simply scrub off the dirty stains or wash them off using high-pressure water.

Step 4: Polish the Trailer by Coating with Wax

Polish Aluminum Dump Trailer

To make your trailer look supreme again, you need to coat it with wax. Every aluminum trailer deserves it as it not only protects the trailer from oxidation but also gives it a delightful shine.

What Is the Best Way to Clean An Aluminum Trailer?

There are a lot of ways to clean an aluminum trailer. However, finding the best method for yourself could be quite time-consuming and tiresome. Also, no one wants to go through the hassle of trying out all the methods and then finding the best method for themselves.

So, what is the best way to clean an aluminum trailer?

Well, you would always need to wipe it off using a broom or washing using high-pressure water. However, when it’s time for deep cleaning, you need to get a mild soap solution to help in removing everyday dirt and grime.

If your aluminum trailer is painted, then use soap for a car wash that would eventually retain the paint’s gloss. Apply pressurized water from the hose and then use a long-handled scrubber to mop the soap solution, then finally rinse.

To remove stubborn dirt like caked mud, a power washer or detergent can come in quite handy. Then wipe it dry.

This is the most cost-effective and efficient method for cleaning aluminum trailers. Hopefully, it helped a lot.

How Do You Get Oxidation Off Aluminum Trailer?

You’re probably wondering that once your aluminum trailer gets oxidized, then there’s nothing you can do. Oxidation of aluminum is similar to corrosion, where aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to form a thick layer of aluminum oxide on the surface.

However, it’s not impossible to remove oxidation from your aluminum trailer. All you need is a good old solution of hydrofluoric acid or any other decent brand of citrus cleaners. Spray along the oxidized region.

The cleaner cuts through the aluminum oxide and removes oxidation. Then gently mop off the solution with a scrub brush and wash using hose water. Make sure to wear gloves during the process as acid or cleaner solutions are corrosive.

What Can I Use to Bring Back the Shine on An Aluminum Dump Bed?

Everybody loves shiny metal vehicles, and you’d be lying to yourself if you said otherwise. Like any other metallic vehicles like cars and trucks, your aluminum trailers also deserve the bright white shine of a polish.

Over time, asphalt can build up on the surface of the metal, making it difficult to achieve a uniform shine. But cleaning asphalt out of a dump truck or trailer doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Now the most effective and efficient method of doing that would be to wax coat your trailer. Coating the trailer with wax protects the exteriors and, most importantly, also prevents oxidation.

Applying paste wax takes its time to apply correctly, but the results would definitely be worth it. It gives the aluminum surface the signature it deserves.

How Do You Clean A Black Aluminum Trailer?

Nobody likes a black aluminum trailer. It’s like the ugliest form of a vehicle. But cleaning this mess could sometimes be confusing as people may consider the black stains as dirt and grime.

To begin with, you are required to get yourself a Nerta’s Active Diamond Foam. Spray it all over the black trailer and let it sit. Then bring out the high-pressure water hose to wash the entire vehicle. You would already notice that you’ve removed all the ashy blackness from the trailer.

Then use a decent brand of aluminum polish foam and apply it all over the trailer. It would take some time to apply perfectly. Then once it’s done, the aluminum trailer would look new again. Shiny and clean.


Just like your new truck or your new sports car, your trailer also deserves the best in routine maintenance and a quality shine. Hence, if you’ve kept yourself glued to this write-up from the beginning till now, you should be able to clean your aluminum dump trailer all by yourself.

Also, do take great care while handling the steps, such as the acid bath part where you need to use chemicals that are highly corrosive. So, make sure to wear safety gloves as your safety should always be your priority.

Whether you’re an avid owner of a trailer or just an everyday enthusiast, hopefully, you’ve had your curiosities answered in this write-up. Who knows, the next time, you might even be able to help the people around you clean their trailers. Till then, take care and keep your dump trailers clean.

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