How to empty a vacuum cleaner

I thought I was the only one curious about how to empty vacuum cleaner. I mean, it sounded pretty basic, but I never liked how messy the process was. Needless to say, I just never seemed to get the emptying timeline right. Then I saw this question from a Quora user and took it as a sign to write this article.

Tips of Emptying a Vacuum Bag 

Even with a bagless vacuum cleaner, knowing how to empty the canister is still a bit tricky. I mean, it’s good that you don’t have to buy replacement bags and all that. But if you do it the wrong way, it will be a whole lot of trouble.

So, regardless of what kind of vacuum you have, stay with me.

How to Replace a Vacuum Bag?

I’ll start with the steps required to replace a vacuum bag.

1. Unplug Your Vacuum 

Unplug your vacuum

As I always mention, before you carry out any maintenance practice, always cut the power. This is important in preventing any injuries or accidents.

2. Open the Top of Your Cleaner 

second step of emptying a vacuum cleaner

It’s easy to spot the top part of your vacuum machine and open it. But if this is your first time, check your manual for instructions on how to go about it. Besides, all vacuums are different, so checking the manufacturer’s instructions is always a good move.

3. Confirm Your Vacuum Bag Needs Changing 

third step of how to replace a vacuum bag

As a person who is obsessed with saving every cent, replacing a vacuum bag when it’s not full is a crime.

Whether you get an indicator light showing that you need to change the bag or not, it doesn’t hurt to check. If it’s not more than half-filled, there is no need to replace it yet.

4. Be Gentle with the Bag 

be gentle with the bag

Seriously, if you don’t want your next vacuum bag to be filled with the debris from your previous vacuum bag – be gentle. Some modern vacuums have a spring, so you only need to pull the vacuum bag a little, and you’re good. However, you have to put in a little effort for some, which can cause the whole debris to spill.

5. Install a New Vacuum Bag 

install a new vacuum bag

The last step is to install a vacuum bag. You really have to be careful when installing a new vacuum bag. Otherwise, the debris will go to unwanted places, clogging your vacuum.

I always recommend taking a small video when removing your vacuum bag if it’s your first time. This will help you by comparing the before and after images. Also, take advantage of your manufacturer’s manual.

Now that you know how to replace a vacuum bag let’s move to empty a bagless vacuum.

How to Empty a Bagless Vacuum?

Here are a few steps to follow to empty a bagless vacuum without causing a mess.

1. Don’t Be in a Rush

Yeah, I know, you want your home and everything that’s in it sparkling clean. I do, too (most of the time). I used to empty my canister after two vacuuming rounds.

However, I realized that waiting for the canister to fill up made the dust particles to stick together. As a result, the dust particles didn’t fly all over, and it just made my work a tiny bit easier.

2. Hold Your Canister Carefully

The best way to empty your canister is with one hand on the top of the canister and the other one at the bottom. Trust me, if I had a dollar for every time that lid went open and all the dust spread all over – I’d be retired.

3. Do It Outside 

Don’t empty your canister inside your house unless you really don’t have a choice. Even though you might not see all the pathogens in your canister with your naked eyes – they’re a dozen of them present, including mites. And the moment you open the canister, some allergens fly into the air.

For this reason, it’s best to empty your canister from outside.

4. Keep Your Head at a Distance When Emptying Your Canister 

When emptying your canister, place it further down in the trash to ensure you don’t inhale any dirt in the process.

Final Words 

Replacing your vacuum bag or emptying your canister is one of the most important vacuum cleaner maintenance practices.

I hope you learned all the tips on how to empty vacuum cleaner from my blog post.

Did you find my guide helpful? Let me know in the comment section.

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