How to Clean Centerline Wheels

The wheels of vehicles are the result of phenomenal engineering and design. A beautifully designed wheel changes the appearance of a car completely. Centerline has been a leading brand for car wheels in the US for many years. But how do you clean your own centerline wheels?

It’s pretty straightforward. All you need are some scuff pads and a decent aluminum cleaner. Use the scuff pad to scrub the auto drag wheels gently. Then, using the aluminum cleaner, you can remove the dirt and grease. Additionally, using a TSP spray will help to preserve the polish for a long time.

However, this is just a quick clean, and there is much more to learn for deep cleaning. If you want a much clearer insight on this topic, stick with this write-up.

How to Clean Centerline Wheels?

Let’s jump straight to the cherry on top. Centerline wheels come in a variety of options depending on what you use, and there is an elaborate method for cleaning both types of wheels below:

Cleaning Auto Drag Wheels

Cleaning Auto Drag Wheels

Auto Drag wheels are popular among American muscle cars. Cleaning them isn’t much of a hassle. Carefully remove the tires. Then spray off the aluminum alloy using a TSP spray.

The TSP spray lubricates the wheels. Scrub off the grease using a scuff pad gently, as there is a chance of scratching the polish. TSP spray preserves the polish by acting as a lubricant.

Cleaning the Truck Wheels

Cleaning the Truck Wheels

The centerline truck wheels have an intriguing design which makes them easier to clean. You don’t need to remove the tires to clean the rim. You could use an aluminum cleaner for the job.

A decent cleaner would be the purple power industrial spray which would cost you around $24. You could easily squeeze out many months of use from that. So, spray the purple power spray on the wheels. Then use a dry cloth to wipe off the dirt and grease from the wheels.

Easy, isn’t it? But do make sure to scrub the insides of the wheel rim properly to remove any signs of sticky grease.

Can You Polish Centerline Wheels?

It’s not impossible to polish your centerline wheels once scratched. However, it can be quite tiresome and taxing when done by yourself. To begin with, you need a good polishing kit. A Zephyr polishing kit would cost you around $90.

You would also require a polisher or buffer machine, which comes in around $200. It’s best done in the workshop as they would charge you almost the same amount. Yet, the task requires you to cut and shape out aluminum edges, which requires immense precision.

Furthermore, this kind of precision can be seen in AI-based robotic arms or experienced mechanics. Thus, doing it yourself would be more of a hassle than a benefit.

How Do You Make Aluminum Wheels Look New Again?

Aluminum wheels tend to corrode with age due to iron accumulation. However,  it does not rust like other metals. This makes it easier to restore. Hence, you can easily make your wheels look new again by following the steps shown below:

Step 1: Remove the Tires

Carefully remove the tires from the wheels and make sure that the tires don’t get any scratches or leaks. In other words, don’t be too rough!

Step 2: Say Goodbye To Corrosion

Get yourself a decent quality penetrating oil and steel wool. Spray the oil on the corroded area and let it sit for around 4 to 5 minutes. Then rub off the area using steel wool. All the corrosion should vanish.

Step 3: Cleanse and Polish

Use an aluminum spray cleaner to remove grease, and then use a polishing kit to add some slight polishing touches to make it look as good as new.

What Are Centerline Rims Made of?

The popular auto drag wheels consist of two pieces of aluminum wheels forged together, embedded with stainless steel rivets. Now let’s look at the importance of each of these materials in this particular construction.


It is used for its relatively affordable pricing. Aluminum gives the rim a light weighted feel. This metal makes the wheel feel not so cheap yet premium. Aluminum prevents rusting of the wheels. Rust can be quite taxing to remove completely.

Stainless Steel

This metal adds to the premium look and the longevity of the rims. This steel doesn’t rust, and it gives the marvelous structure an incredibly strong support system.

What is the Easiest Way to Clean Aluminum Wheels?

Clean Aluminum Wheels

A handful of methods are available to show you how to clean your aluminum wheels. However,  you might not always have the time to test all the methods. Furthermore, you might not be willing to spend a fortune to test out the techniques.

Don’t worry cause we’ve gone ahead of you and found the best method for cleaning your aluminum wheels. This might also save you quite a few bucks. Let’s begin, shall we?

All you need is an aluminum spray cleaner and a piece of dry cloth. A decent aluminum spray cleaner should cost you around $20 and could be used for many months. Spray the cleaner all around the surface of the wheels and then gently scrub using the cloth.

Remember to be gentle because the delicate polish of the wheels could get scratched easily. Do it for the outside surface and the inside rim. Let it dry, and then rub off any dust or dirt using the cloth. It should look new again.

Why Choose Centerline Wheels?

The wheel competition has grown quite fierce over the past few years. Still, most of the citizens of America prefer their good old centerline wheels for their muscle cars and trucks.

This is because Centerline has never quite failed to deliver its customers with pure satisfaction. It is considered a treat for all kinds of vehicle drivers. The years of service and loyalty that they have provided have now led to their fame.

But something they always ask to keep in mind is to only buy their products from an authorized dealer of Centerline wheels.

How Do You Clean Your Tires?

It’s no surprise that cleaning your tires could be as important as cleaning the wheels. However, the process of cleaning the tires is much simpler than cleaning your car wheels.

All you need is a purple power industrial spray that you’ve been using to clean your centerline wheels.  Just spray it all over the wheels and use a water shower to remove any unnecessary dirt and mud.

Make sure not to scratch the tire paddings as they are delicate and could lead to braking issues if scratched badly. Overall, the process is quite inexpensive as you can reuse the cleaner that you’ve already used to clean the wheels.


There is a popular saying that the wheels of a vehicle reflect the personality of the driver. Well, this is not quite true. But it’s always good to take care of your wheels and tires just the way you look after your car.

Keeping your wheels shiny not only improves the look of the car but also increases its longevity. Hopefully, if you’ve kept yourself glued to this write-up till now, you should be good enough to clean your vehicle wheels all by yourself.

This should save you a lot of research time and quite a few bucks. But hey! If you have the cash to spare, you could always get your wheels to the workshop to get it done by a professional. Till then, keep your wheels clean!

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