Ruger Mark IV is a very popular pistol suitable for all-purpose uses. And if you are reading this, we are guessing you own one. It offers a 1911 style grip making it easy to shoot.

It is a semi-automatic gun that offers good accuracy and a fast reload feature. But some people have trouble taking care of their mark 4, especially during cleaning.

Well, this modern handgun is comparatively easy to clean. There are many tips and tricks to clean it properly. Unlike any other pistol, cleaning starts with disassembly. One of the tricks you can use is to detach the parts. And use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dirt and debris.

However, this was just the snap of the detailed process we are going to discuss in the article. If you are keen on learning the easiest ways to clean your gun, then stick to the end.

When Did the Ruger Mark IV Come Out?

Mark IV was launched in 2016, making it simple to disassemble with a basic press of a button. This modern version solves the problems of the past models. Now it is easier than ever to break the parts apart and put them back again.

How to Clean a Ruger Mark IV

Before starting, always be in a safe, well-lit environment and double-check that your gun is unloaded. Now it’s time to clean your Ruger Mark IV. To save yourself from getting hurt, follow these easy steps to clean your gun safely:

Step 1: Disassembly

Disassembly ruger mark IV

It is one of the easiest handguns to disassemble. Press the button below the bolt. Then lift the upper receiver off the frame. Pull the bolt out of the receiver and detach the recoil spring. Just like that, you are done with the disassembly process.

Step 2: Wipe Off the Components with a Suitable Solvent

You can use a microfiber cloth with an appropriate solvent such as hydrogen peroxide to rub off the dirt on the parts. The solvent will help break up and dissolve the residue build-up on the inside. Cotton swabs are a preferable choice to scrub the debris from the small nook and crannies.

Step 3: Clean the Upper Receiver

Clean the Upper Receiver of mark IV

You can use a flexible bore brush for this. Put it in and out of the upper receiver couple of times with a suitable solvent. The brush will wipe off the dirt inside. As a result, it will prevent rust from forming.

Step 4: Lubricate Where Necessary

lubricating Ruger Mark IV

Apply gun oil or solvent in appropriate places such as railings and springs. It prevents rust from forming. Eventually, making the firearm smooth therefore it will increase its life cycle. Putting too much lube can be a bad thing which in turn can jam the gun.

Step 5: Reassemble and Check for Irregularities

Well done!!! You have finished the cleaning now. Next, attach the parts where it belongs. Attach the upper receiver with the hinges on the frame. Put the spring in the bolt. Now slide in the bolt inside the hole at the back of the gun. Test the gun; if it works, you have done a good job!!!

What is the Difference Between A Mark III and Mark IV?

Difference Between A Mark III and Mark IV

Cleaning and maintenance are widely mismatched with Mark III and Mark IV. They are similar .22 caliber pistols. Despite being launched in separate eras, their design is not much different. Both guns are easy to grip and shoot with comfort. However, several key factors change the way they are viewed. Such as:


Separating the parts of Mark III is a whole new story. Unlike Mark IV, which can be disassembled with the push of a button. Disassembling Mark III requires you to have some tools such as a screwdriver, mallet, etc. A screwdriver is needed to open some parts. You need a mallet to detach the upper receiver unless you have strong hands.

Reload speed

With Mark III, you press a button to pop the magazine out. But it gets stuck halfway, and you have to pull it out by hand. Mark IV also has a similar button press. The difference is that it ejects the magazine with force due to the spring inside. Without getting stuck halfway, magazine ejection is fast and automatic. Resulting in a fast reload speed.

Safety Switch

Mark IV has a safety lever on both sides. Giving advantage to both left and right-handed shooters. You can pull it up and down to turn the safety on and off. Unlike Mark III, it has a safety button system on one side. You have to push it up and down to enable or disable safety.


Mark IV has a smoother trigger than Mark III. There’s no grit, and it breaks clean. However, Mark IV has a slightly heavy trigger, around four pounds. But it doesn’t affect the shooting experience.


Rather than Mark III’s standard grip, Mark IV comes with a grip of 1911 style. That gives shooters a nice angle to point and shoot.

How Many Rounds Does A Ruger Mark 4 Hold?

Mark III and IV have similar magazines, holding up to 10 rounds. Mark III’s magazines are usable in Mark 4. This also can be done vice versa with MarkIV mags.


Cleaning your Ruger Mark IV routinely is a good habit. It will increase your firearm’s longevity, reliability, and durability in the long run. Remember that a dirty weapon is more prone to blowing up while firing it.

Mark 4 is the latest edition and successor of Mark 3 in the Ruger Mark series. It has proved to be more reliable and enhanced than its previous versions. This pistol is one of the most accessible weapons to clean and maintain in the market. We’ve covered the process of cleaning a Ruger Mark III .22 for you as well, and you’re welcome.

With its easy-to-shoot features, it is preferred by both beginners and professionals alike. However, if u have less time on your hands, you can always go to your local gunsmith. They can use their expertise to restore your weapon in tip-top shape.

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