How to Clean Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle

If you own a marlin 22 semi automatic rifle, you know two things: they are amazing rifles, and you can shoot something out 500 yards. No problem with these things. They are very liable. More importantly, a lot of fun.

However, they are a pain in the butt to clean because of how many steps it takes to field strip and clean one of these. But you shouldn’t worry so much about these things. You can clean your gun by dissembling it and then washing it in soapy water and wiping the components you took out from the gun.

In this article, I’m gonna break down all the steps you need to take to maintain and clean your marlin model 60 semi-automatic rifle and make it as fun and easy as possible.

So, let’s get started.

How to Clean Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle?

How to Clean Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle

Cleaning a marlin 22 semi-automatic rifle isn’t such a big deal to be done. All you need is just to go through some easy steps. Below we have added a detailed guide that anyone can easily follow.

But, before digging deeper, let’s figure out the tools and materials you must have in your collection while cleaning the gun. You should gather:

  • A Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Gun Oil
  • Cleaning Rod and
  • A Bore Snake

Step 1: Safety Check

Rifle Safety Check

At the beginning of this process, the most important thing to ensure is to unload the rifle.

In that case, take out the loading tube from the gun and make sure there is nothing in the loading tube. After ensuring the tube is empty, set that off to the side and drive into the next step.

Step 2: Remove the Action from the Stock

Remove the Action from the Stock

Once you have checked the firearm safety, your first order of this process is to remove the action from the stock. 

To do so, unscrew the front and rear takedown screws on the bottom of the stock, underside near the ejection port. So use a standard filter driver and remove them.

Once you have removed the rear screw, lift the barrel up, and thus the stock and the action will be separated from each other.

Step 3: Remove Charging Handle, Bolt, and Recoil Spring

removing the charging handle

Right now, the next step is just removing the charging handle, and for this, you need to be able to move your bolt back. So slide the bolt back and tilt down to release the bolt handle.

Now push the bolt forward away from and separate from the recoil spring and guide rod. This will disengage the two assemblies. Be careful that the spring assy and guide rod don’t fly free from the rifle.

Now the final action is just to separate the bolt from the charging lever by lifting up the bolt body. By doing this, the charging handle will pull free, and the bolt will lift out of the receiver.

Step 4: Clean the Parts

Clean the Rifle Parts

Now it’s time to wash all the parts that have been removed from the rifle. These parts can be washed in soapy water to remove powder residue.

You can use a brush in the hard-to-reach places, which allow you to wash well. But never use strong chemicals to wash. It will dissolve the plastic components.

While cleaning the barrel, use a bore snake instead of using a straight cleaning rod. Push and pull the bore brush thoroughly into the barrel and continue the process until the patch no longer picks up any dirt. 

After cleaning all the components, place a drop of gun oil at all moving parts. Where the finish has worn off is where you should apply oil. Now let’s dry them well before reassembly.

How Often Should You Clean Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle?

We all know this proverb very well that cleanliness is next to godliness. So when you’re using a rifle, you must be aware of the cleanliness of your gun.

Though all types of guns require regular cleaning, the problem is more serious when it’s a semi-auto like the Marlin 22 semi-automatic rifle.

It becomes dirty after every shot as the gasses blow burned and unburned powder residue into the open action. This barges into every action crack and gradually builds up and sticks into it.

So this rifle needs extensive cleaning every time you use it. So clean the gun every time you shoot it regardless of how many or how few rounds you shot it.

However, there are different opinions about how often to clean your gun. But this is the best idea that you ensure the regular cleaning and oiling of your gun. Besides, regular cleaning eliminates the need for complete tear-downs for cleaning.

How Often Should You Oil Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle?

lubricate Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle

If you’re regularly engaged in intense range sessions, it’s a good idea to oil your rifle at least once a week. Oiling is basically needed during more humid and hotter months of the year.

Moreover, if you prefer long-term storage, use any preservative oils and then go through a storage system.

Though oiling is very important to the safety and performance of your gun, too much oiling has some disadvantages too. This can create debris, carbon, and even leads to jamming. So, apply oil in a decent amount for getting the best possible performance from your Marlin 22 semi automatic rifle.

Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle Maintenance Guide

Marlin 22 Semi Automatic Rifle Maintenance Guide

How to maintain a semi-automatic gun is one of the most important things to know when you’re the owner of a marlin 22 semi-automatic rifle. You should have the proper knowledge of the maintenance guide for your gun.

So, let’s check out a complete maintenance guide for the Marlin 22 semi-auto rifle in short.

Ensure Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is recommended for safety and to ensure the better performance of your gun. This is a better idea that you should wash each and every part of your gun after every time of hunting or after each session at the range.

Lubricate the Gun Regularly

Putting lubricants on every moving part and crack is essential for your gun’s safety and for getting better performance from a semi-auto gun.

You will find different types of gun oil in the market, and you can use any of them depending on your need and action. Gun oil allows the gun to remain rust-free and to move without being tied.

Store the Gun in a Safer Place

This part is the most important thing to follow. You should keep the gun properly in perfect condition. Select a place with minimal exposure to dust, moisture, and particulates. Besides, wash your gun well before storing it.

Final Thoughts

The Marlin 22 semi-automatic rifle can be a little more involved to clean, but it’s not too bad. Just follow the steps written in the article, and you’ll be able to field strip and clean Marlin Model 60 without any hesitation.

However, this is a classic .22lr rifle that many have. It does not need to be cleaned too often, but when it does, it pays to do it correctly. One tip with all .22lr firearms is not to apply a lot of oil since it holds onto unburned powder more, which is what usually gums up these guns.

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