How to Clean Browning Buck Mark 22

If you already own a pistol, then you must probably know that it needs good maintenance. In most cases, you won’t get a manual with the pistol. Then here’s what you need to clean your pistol.

Firstly, ensure that your Browning Buck Mark 22 isn’t loaded. Make sure you have equipment like gun oil, cleaning rod, nylon brush, cleaning solvent, and cleaning patches.

For quick cleaning, you just need to wipe and brush it to make your pistol shine. And for deep cleaning, we’ve gathered all the details step by step in this article on how to clean Browning Buck Mark 22.

For further instructions, read the article thoroughly,

How to Disassemble A Browning Buck Mark .22 Pistol?

Disassemble A Browning Buck Mark .22 Pistol

If you want to go for in-depth cleaning, then first you need to disassemble your pistol. To do so, take the magazine out and make sure the chamber is not loaded.

Then check if the “safety” is in “on safe.” After that, follow all the steps given below:

Step 1: Taking the Rear Top Screw Out

Use an Allen wrench to take the rear top screw out. When you’re doing that, be careful cause inside, you’ll get a washer, and it can come out. Carefully keep the washer as you’ll need that.

Step 2: Detaching the Barrel

Again, use the Allen wrench to take out the screw from the front. It works as a set screw. You don’t need to remove the screw completely. Just loosen up the screw to the point where the barrel can come off easily.

Bend the barrel forward to see if the slide rises a bit. To make it easy, use your thumb to hold the slide up, and the barrel will come off.

Step 3: Removing the Housing and Rod from the Slide

Take the slide and slide it back about an inch and hold it there using your thumb. You’ll see a rod in front of the slide. Take that and lift it a bit.

You’ll see the housing is coming off. Lift the rod again and pull the housing out. And your work here is done.

How to Clean Browning Buck Mark 22

After disassembling your gun, the rest of the cleaning process is quite easy. Here’s what you need to do,

Step 1: Cleaning the Chamber

Use your gun cleaning solvent to spray it or dip the brush in it. Push the brush into the chamber and scrub to clean all the fouling buildup.

Do this again for the second time, to have a nice cleaning.

Step 2: Cleaning the Barrel

Cleaning the Barrel of Browning Buck Mark 22

This time, use your cleaning rod and patch, along with gun oil, to clean the barrel. Insert the rod and patch into the barrel and move it in and out a few times.

If you find the barrel with excessive powder fouling, then use a nylon brush and a nitro solvent.

Step 3: Drying the Areas and Oiling the Gun Parts

oiling the gun parts

Use a patch or clean rag to dry the chamber and barrel. Then use a sufficient amount of gun oil to oil the cleaned areas and other moving parts of the gun.

Keep in mind that too much oil can interfere with the functioning of your gun. A little amount is more than enough.

Step 4: Cleaning the Magazine

Use a cleaning aerosol solvent, a cleaning rod, and a patch to clean the magazine. Spray the solvent on the magazine and then use the cleaning rod and patch to remove excess grease or dirt.

Then thoroughly clean the inner side of the magazine and dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 5: Storing the Gun

Lastly, when you’re done with all the cleaning process, store the gun somewhere safe that no one can reach it. Most importantly, keep it out of the reach of children.

How to Reassemble A Browning Buck Mark .22 Pistol?

Reassemble A Browning Buck Mark .22

After you are done with the cleaning, then comes the part where you need to reassemble the gun. The following steps will help you to do this work without facing any difficulties,

Step 1: Putting the Slide Back On and Place the Rod with the Housing Correctly

Take the slide and put it on and hold it there using your thumb. Then take the rod along with the plastic piece with a beveled hole. Place the plastic piece right at the end corner of the slide.

Make sure it is facing forwardly. Take the end side of the rod and place it in the hole of the plastic piece. It’ll fit perfectly, and then push it down in place.

Step 2: Putting the Barrel Back On

Take the barrel and fit the slide up to place it. Then place it under the slide and then let them slide down to see if you’ve placed it correctly.

Now it’s time to tighten up the set screw or the screw in the front. Use the Allen wrench to tighten the screw.

Step 3: Putting Back the Rare Top Screw

Put the washer back in beveled down, and then place the screw. Now tighten the top screw using your Allen wrench.

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Browning Buck Mark 22

As deep cleaning is not possible regularly, you need to maintain the pistol to avoid any kind of damage. Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning browning buck mark 22,

  • For some parts you may have to use an adjustable wrench to loosen or remove. In that case avoid using rusty wrench entirely as it might result to damage the material of the firearm. If you have to use one, you can use it after restoring adjustable wrench first.
  • Make sure you wear protective gear like goggles and gloves every time you clean your gun. It will protect your eyes and hands, as many gun solvents are harsh.
  • Clean it as regularly as you can to prevent the fouling buildup. If you rarely clean your browning buck mark 22, then the carbon buildup may cause malfunction.
  • DO NOT clean a loaded gun. We repeat, don’t ever clean a loaded gun, even if you are just simply wiping it. It’s not safe to clean a loaded gun for you and others.
  • Use proper gun equipment to clean your browning buck mark 22.


Firing and targeting with the Browning Buck Mark 22 is fun. But if you can’t find time to clean it, then the fouling buildup can damage your gun. To avoid damage and to hit targets accurately, you have to maintain and take proper care of your gun.

However, to help you with all the information, we hope this article on how to clean Browning Buck Mark 22 will be useful to you.

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