How to Clean A Colt Defender

Cleaning your pistol every once in a while after usage is a wise choice as it keeps the gun in top working order and makes sure it does the job when it needs to. Giving routine attention to the weapon can increase its longevity and make your investment worth every penny.

This 1911 sidearm is relatively easy to clean, starting with disassembly. Once you are done with it, make sure to have some cleaning tools, which will aid you in preventing the dirt from piling up inside. Be sure to insert some lube as u see fit to smoothen the motion before attaching the parts again.

Thorough maintenance of your handgun can give you a clear idea of its mechanics. If you want a precise insight on cleaning a Colt Defender? Well, carry on your reading and educate yourself with fun facts!

How to Clean A Colt Defender

Before starting, always be in a safe, well-lit environment and double-check that your gun is unloaded. Investing in good-quality cleaning tools is the best way to clean the firearm.

If you want to clean your Colt Defender in a proper manner, follow these steps by the letter.

Step 1: Disassemble the Gun

Disassemble colt defender

Disassembling is required to detach the gun parts piece by piece. It starts with depressing the recoil plug off, aligning the slide with the slide stop to pop it out, making it able to drag the slide off the frame and pull out the barrel and other parts attached to it. Alternatively, you can use the owner’s manual if you have one.

Step 2: Wipe the Dirt Off of the Components with a Suitable Solvent

use Suitable Solvent to clean colt

You can use a microfiber cloth along with an appropriate solvent such as hydrogen peroxide to rub off the dirt on the parts. The solvent will help break up and dissolve the residue build-up on the inside. Cotton swabs are a preferable choice to scrub the debris from the small nook and crannies.

Step 3: Clean the Barrel

barrel cleaning of colt defender

You can use a bore brush or a double-ended gun brush befitting the size of the barrel and penetrate it in and out a couple of times with your suitable solvent to wipe off the grime inside.

Step 4: Lubricate Where Necessary

Applying gun oil or solvent to appropriate places such as railings and spring prevents rust from forming. Eventually, making the firearm smooth as a result increases its life cycle. Too much lube can be a bad thing which in turn can jam the gun.

Step 5: Reassemble and Check for Irregularities

Your cleaning is done, now remove the bushing and insert the barrel following with the recoil spring afterward. Now reinstall the slide by sliding it along the rails of the frame; after aligning with the frame, put the slide stop and the recoil plug in its place. Test the gun, and if it works flawlessly, the job is done.

Is the Colt Defender A Good Gun?

colt defender

Colt Defender is an excellent choice for everyday concealed carry; here’s why:

Lightweight with Compact Size

It’s a small profile lightweight pistol, which makes it easy for day-to-day carry. Therefore, it allows itself to fit in your pocket or purse, giving you an element of surprise in an unlikely situation.

Customizable Sight Structure

It has a great sight structure such as Novak sight, which is replaceable, so you can put any configuration you want of that style sight, providing good accuracy.

1911 Trigger

It has a 1911 trigger (one of the best in the world) designed to travel straight backward, and the trigger helps keep the sights in line during the intense stage of firing a shot. Maintenance and cleaning trigger assembly once in a while can make much difference to your gun’s life.

Versatile Range

Colt defender has proved to be a classic compact gun that offers variations to close to fair mid-range shooting accuracy, making it ideal for self-defense.

How Much Does a Colt Defender Weigh?

It weighs about 24 ounces, usually made in aluminum frames, making it pretty lightweight for seven in one 45 ACP pistols. Due to its lightweight, it offers the feature of very minimal recoil, making it very comfortable to wield it in your hands, with or without shooting.

What Size is the Colt Defender?

Colt defender is commercially produced in a compact size with dimensions of 10.1×3.5×8 inches ( L x W x H ) which gives the product a good concealability factor.

How Long is a Colt Defender Barrel?

With a three-inch barrel, it is befitting to use 9mm or 45 ACP bullets, contributing to its compact nature and overall concealability.   


Cleaning vintage guns like Colt defender routinely will ensure the firearm’s longevity, reliability, and durability in the long run. If you are a precious and priceless vintage gun collector like me, you can see how to clean a Winchester defender shotgun while you are at it. Because dirty weapon is more prone to blowing up while firing it.

Compared to other sidearms, by now, you know it is relatively easy to clean your Colt Defender. However, cleaning browning buck mark 22 is similar to the Colt but not entirely the same.

With a comfortable grip, it is easy to wield and use. However, if you have less time on your hands, you can definitely seek help from professionals who can use their expertise to restore your weapon in tip-top shape.

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