How to Clean Trigger Assembly

Do you enjoy going on hunting trips to shoot birds and other games? If this is the case, you should clean your trigger to get the greatest results during the actions. So, how do you clean a gun’s trigger assembly?

To clean the trigger of your gun assembly, you have to disassemble the firearm. But first, for safety precautions, you have to unload the gun before starting the procedure. After disassembling, take a piece of cloth to wipe the dirt out.

However, that is not all there is to the cleaning. To know the detailed cleaning process, scroll down and keep reading!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cleaning Trigger Assembly?

Several advantages promote the act of cleaning your gun trigger assembly regularly. If you think of disadvantages, these are almost negligible compared to the benefits.

The disadvantage is only associated with cleaning the assembly incorrectly using the wrong materials.

Below, we have compiled some of these advantages and not-so-typical disadvantages of cleaning trigger assembly.


  • Increases longevity of the weapon
  • Improves the overall performance of the gun.
  • Decreases chances of residual fouling buildup.
  • Decreases chances of failure to feed and failure to fire.


  • If too much of a certain cleaning agent is used, the gun will deteriorate performance.
  • Chances of rusting are increased if too much water is used.

How to Clean Trigger Assembly?

Cleaning Trigger Assembly

You must follow several steps to clean the gun’s trigger assembly. Make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area and a clean table with plenty of space to work. Only then go on to your cleaning job.

Step 1: Read the Manual  

Reading the manual is a necessary step that you must take before putting your hands on the gun, whether it is a rifle or a shotgun.

Step 2: De-assemble

Take all necessary parts of the gun apart, such as the bolt and trigger. We will be working with the trigger assembly only, so all the other parts are not required.

Step 3: Clean the Assembly

Once disassembled, prepare a cleaning liquid with a cleaning agent diluted with water. Soak a cotton cloth into the liquid and wipe the assembly. Use cotton bars for corners where your wiping cloth cannot go.

Step 4: Lubricate the Assembly    

Once you are done cleaning, dry the assembly by draining any extra water. Wait for a few minutes, and finally apply oil.

Step 5: Assemble

Once you’re done with the oiling, you can assemble the trigger assembly to the gun the same way you have disassembled it.

Why Should I Clean the Trigger Assembly regularly? 

There are countless cases where the gun might miss the shot despite being near the target. This is attributed to a decrease in gun performance. Aside from this, there are several other reasons why your gun could deteriorate.

Below, we have compiled a list of reasons you should clean the trigger assembly regularly.

To Prevent Rust

Rusting is a common issue in guns that can cause your trigger to corrode and get misplaced. Cleaning correctly can get rid of the rust.

Failure to Fire

Failure to fire is a more common problem than it seems. It is usually associated with corrosive elements and weathering that can cause the gun to either misfire or not eject the bullet.

Buildup of Residual Fouling

This is associated with the metal residues that the gunpowder or bullet can leave behind in the gun. If too many of these dust particles gather, they can cause problems with bullet ejection later on.

Should I Oil My Trigger Assembly Regularly?

Oiling Trigger Assembly

Yes, you should always oil your trigger assembly. Oiling the trigger assembly is far more critical than cleaning it regularly.

There are several reasons why you should oil the trigger assembly.

  • To get rid of rust
  • To get rid of foiling buildup
  • To prevent failure to feed and failure to eject
  •  To prevent the trigger from becoming too hard.

Can I Use Brake Cleaner to Clean My Gun?

Yes, you can use brake cleaners to clean the gun. However, we advise you against this since brake cleaners aren’t made for firearms.

Brake cleaner will strip all the oil from your gun. While they are not harmful, they could cause the plastic in the gun to lose its stability in the long run. As a result, while you can use brake cleaner, you should avoid it.  

Trigger Assembly Cleaning Tips and Tricks

While we have already provided you with the main instructions, you can also use the following tips and tricks to get your task done in no time.

  • Consult the user manual as much as you can
  • Prepare all the equipment before working on the trigger
  • Make sure that the firearm has no bullets.
  • Disassemble the parts before working on them.
  • Test that the part is working after you have cleaned it.


With this, you should be a master on cleaning trigger assembly, just kidding! Gun trigger differs from gun type. Although it is similar, it’s not the same. So you can’t use this particular set of instructions on a shotgun trigger. But if you are interested to know how to clean a shotgun trigger, you just need to follow our trails.

If you are someone like that, you can avail help from a professional. A trained technician will not only clean the assembly, but they will also give your entire gun a thorough cleaning provided that you are willing to spend money on it. 

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