How to Clean a Glass Turkey Call

Turkey call is one of the most essential hunting accessories when you are out in the wilderness looking for the next prey. However, the friction calling system, called the turkey call, can become dirty with time. Serviced cleaning is necessary for it to become useful for a longer period. But do you know how to clean a glass turkey call?

Only sandpaper is needed to clean a glass turkey call. While cleaning, any grit between 180 and 200 of sandpaper can be used. Start by cleaning the turkey call’s center section. As long as you don’t go overboard with the brashness, it doesn’t need a lot of effort. Making noise with the striker will put an end to the cleaning operation.

You can see a noticeable improvement in your turkey call’s effectiveness after giving it a thorough cleaning. If you follow our cleaning instructions, it should perform as well as new. Check our article down below to learn how it’s done!

How Do You Prepare a Glass Turkey Call?

Glass Turkey Call

At first glance, many of you may be perplexed about how to prepare a glass turkey call. From now on, it won’t be as difficult to understand. You will need to know all sorts of information besides cleaning a turkey call. Therefore, we encourage you to follow our points and hope you learn from them!

  • Right after getting a new turkey call, you will see the unscratched glass side. Use 100 grit sandpaper and start scratching on the glass part.
  • Remember, it won’t make noise until you scratch across the surface of the call.
  • Scratch back and forth until it shows white marks on your call.
  • Once done properly, you may be able to get sound operating from the turkey call.

How to Clean a Glass Turkey Call?

The procedure for scrubbing a glass turkey call is hassle-free and does not take much time. There are, in fact, only a few requirements that must be met. Performing the following procedures will ensure that it works properly each time you use it to call your turkeys.

Step 1: Getting the Proper Sandpaper

When scratching on glass material, a specific level of scrubbing is needed. While cleaning the glass part of the turkey call, you will need a 180 to 200 grit level. Getting more or less from this range will not give you a perfect result and end up giving a super rough result.

Step 2: Selecting One Single Direction to Clean Turkey Call

The turkey call should be cleaned in just one direction. A single-direction scratch is all that can be obtained by scrubbing. When utilized, the call may not produce the appropriate noise if scrubbing in the other way.

Step 3: Brush off the Scrubbed Area

Many people touch the glass part of the turkey call, which leaves finger marks. Also, many are seen to blow off the dust after scratching. No, none of the ways is suggested. You must brush the scrubbed area well enough or clean the place with a cotton piece of cloth. We hope that will give better sounds.

How Do You Condition a Crystal Turkey Call?

How Do You Condition a Crystal Turkey Call

The procedure of conditioning a crystal turkey call is slightly different. You’ll need a hardware cloth to wipe the surface because it’s now a crystal surface. Let’s have a look at how to go about it now:

Using A Hardware Cloth instead of Any Other Scratcher

Hardware cloth is essential before you begin scratching the crystal surface of your turkey call. It is the greatest way to ensure that it performs at its best. A crystal turkey call can’t be cleaned with sandpaper or any other scratching material since it might leave a rough surface.

Make Sure the Cloth is Fully Dry

Never clean with a moist towel to avoid damaging the crystals. There’s no need to soak a piece of hardware cloth before using it to clean the crystal turkey call. Once it has dried completely, it will function as intended.

Choose A Side-to-Side Direction to Clean

You may be used to cleaning in a circular motion, but you’ll need to adjust your cleaning routine here. When calling turkeys, scratching in a side-to-side motion works best. The finest results will be obtained by running your striker along the cleaning lines.

How Do You Care for a Ceramic Turkey Call?

There isn’t much difference between a ceramic turkey call and a glass or crystal call when it comes to its function. However, the cleaning procedure differs for each of these calls. To get the most out of it, they must be taken care of properly. All the necessary things that are required are discussed below:

Alcohol Pads

Get these alcohol prep pads at just 10 bucks to clean your daily used ceramic turkey calls. Start off by wiping the scratched surface. Once cleaned carefully, you may also clean the striker with it.

Scotch Pads

You may use a scotch pad to polish the top of the turkey call’s striker to clean it correctly. Simply twist the striker in the center of the scotch pad while it’s on your palm. Performing this procedure will result in a higher sound quality when it is played back.

Side-to-Side Motion

There is a precise way to clean each turkey call. Straight lines may be made by scratching the ceramic in a side-to-side motion. It will be effective if it is sounded over it.

Things You Should Know While Cleaning a Glass Turkey Call

Every time you’re servicing your turkey call, make sure to keep in mind these important points:

Never Put Too Much Pressure on the Glass

While cleaning with sandpaper or hardware cloth, putting heavy pressure may result in making abstract noise.

Know the Right Way to Scratch with the Striker

Each time you’re using the call, make different scratching noises. Two common ways to strike are making an oval shape or scratching in a single small line.

Scrubbing Before Usage is Vital to Reach Out to Turkeys

Before using it to generate sounds, make sure you’re using sandpaper within 200 grit to clean the surface properly.

Never Leave the Wooden Material in the Sun

These turkey calls are made out of fine wood and putting them under sunlight will decrease their quality. These must not also be soaked in water to function well throughout the year.


Finally, we hope you’ve learned everything you need to know about how to clean a glass turkey call from this article. Turkey calls are most useful when it makes the right sound to call turkeys. Some prefers turkey mouth call instead of a glass call. Which is also a fine choice of gear.

Thus, So we are giving out cleaning a turkey mouth call techniques to keep you covered, you are welcome.

Because turkey calls are so well-made, these are meant to last for many years. If you take the time to maintain your turkey calls, we’re confident that they will prove to you that it’s worth buying.

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