How to Clean A Ruger Mark III .22

That being said, using such a mesmerizing pistol comes with the responsibility of maintenance.  But unfortunately, without the proper guidance, cleaning this pistol might be difficult work.

To take good care, the first thing you can do is to give your pistol a quick shine by wiping it with solvent and brushing it.

But a quick cleaning is not enough to take good care; you need to give your Ruger Mark III .22 a deep cleaning from time to time.

Here we’ve gathered all the information about Ruger mark pistols, and you’ll learn how to clean a Ruger III .22 step by step.

When Did the Ruger Mark 3 Come Out?

Sturm, Ruger & Co. came up with Ruger Mark III .22, an outstanding pistol, and set a new record in the market. Their firearms are remarkable all over the world.

The company started producing the Ruger Mark 3 in 2004. The Ruger Mark II, originally manufactured in the 1980s, was replaced by Ruger Mark 3.

The Ruger Mark III .22 is semi-automatic and made with elements of several firearms. However, this high-end model will give you the accuracy you need while shooting.

Steps of Disassembling Ruger Mark III

Disassembling Ruger Mark III

To give your pistol a deep cleaning, you need to disassemble it first. Follow the steps mentioned below to disassemble your pistol without difficulty:

Step 1: Unload the Firearm

First, unload the firearm and pull the trigger and drop the magazine.

Step 2: Separating the Mainspring Assembly

You’ll see a mainspring assembly or lever at the back of your pistol.

Pull out the pin and pull that straight down. The mainspring assembly will come out and then pull the bolt out.

Step 3: Separating the Barrel

Place your hand on the barrel and put your thumb in front of the trigger for support.

Now, give a little push, and the barrel will come off.

How to Clean A Ruger Mark III .22

After disassembling, now it’s time to give your firearm a deep cleaning. All you need is a 22 caliber pistol cleaning rod bore brush or patches, cleaning solvent, nylon brush, and spray cleaner. Here’s what you need to do –

Step 1: Cleaning the Barrel

cleaning the Ruger Mark III barrel

To clean the barrel, start with wetting a patch with cleaning solvent.

Then use the cleaning rod to run the wetted patch through the barrel. You have to run the patch through the barrel several times.

Always clean the barrel from the breech end. Now attach a solvent wetted brush to the rod and run it back and forth to clean all the dirt.

After that, dry the barrel with a dry patch. Finally, oil a patch lightly and run it through the barrel.

Step 2: Cleaning the Grip Mechanism

Use cleaning solvent on your nylon brush to wipe or scrub the component of the mechanism. It’ll remove the dirt or gunpowder.

Step 3: Cleaning the Bolt

Before you start scrubbing the bolt with your brush and solvent, make sure you have removed the rod from the bolt. Then scrub the bolt to clean it.

Step 4: Wiping with a Dry Cloth

Now take a clean, dry cloth and, for the last time, wipe all the components of the pistol.

Step 5: Lubrication

Ruger Mark III .22 lubrication

Lastly, apply a light amount of oil on a clean and dry cloth and then wipe all the parts once again for lubrication.

What is the Difference Between A Ruger Mark II and Mark III?

Difference Between A Ruger Mark II and Mark III

While some people may love Ruger Mark III, some people may also choose Ruger Mark II. However, these two pistols are almost identical while having their own unique differences. Let’s just dive into the differences between a Ruger Mark II and Ruger Mark III,

Magazine Release

You’ll find a BIG difference here.

Ruger Mark II: The magazine release of Ruger Mark II is drop-free. You’ll find its magazine release at the bottom like a European-style.

Ruger Mark III: On the contrary, the Ruger Mark III has a standard American-style magazine release.

The release button is behind the trigger. And it’s not a drop-free magazine like Mark II.


Both magazines are very different from each other.

Ruger Mark II: The Ruger Mark II has a smooth magazine all the way. You won’t find a catch here in its magazine, as it’s not needed.

Ruger Mark III: There’s a cut at the top of the magazine for the catch. However, the catch is needed for the mag to lock the magazine in its place.

The Grip of the Pistols

Now let’s talk about the grips here,

Ruger Mark II: The grip of Ruger Mark II is smaller. But it works as fine as the Mark III.

Ruger Mark III: Now, this is a much wider grip. You’ll have comfort and satisfaction while using it.

Bolt and the Chamber

One more difference here in the bolt and the chamber.

Ruger Mark II: The bolt ears of this pistol are straightened back.

Ruger Mark III: On the other hand, the bolt of Ruger Mark III is tapered, which takes off some of its weight. So, it’s easier to grab on.

How Many Rounds Does a Ruger Mark II Hold?

The Ruger Mark II is one of the greatest production of the company. Being almost the same as the Ruger Mark III, this pistol has gained popularity because of its performance. However, this pistol can hold 9 rounds and is pretty easy to shoot with.

What is the Difference Between a Ruger Standard and Mark 1?

The company Sturm, Ruger & Co manufactured Ruger Standard as their first product, which was launched in 1949.

On the other hand, Mark 1 was launched in 1950. You can say that it is the upgraded version of the standard model.

Now, let’s look at the differences through these features:


When you see these two guns side by side, you’ll see the differences.

Ruger Standard: The 4.75 inches barrel of Ruger Standard is light and taped.

Mark 1: On the other side, the Ruger Mark 1 is the upgraded version with a 6.875-inches heavy or tapered barrel.


Talking about the sights of these two guns, they are very different.

Ruger Standard: This standard model comes with fixed sight and gives amazing performance.

Mark 1: However, for Mark 1, you’ll have either a rear adjustable sight and also a front sight with an undercut to relieve glare. The sight might be fixed too.

Magazine Button

Though these two are almost similar, there are still some differences, and the Magazine button is one of them.

Ruger Standard: You’ll find the magazine button on the right side of the magazine.

Mark 1: On the contrary, some of the Mark 1 have their magazine button on the right side, and some have it on the left side.


Using your pistol every day will create fouling buildup or gunpowder buildup. Cleaning gunpowder residue is important to do every once in a while to avoid any fouling buildup can damage your pistol and create malfunctions. To avoid such things from happening, you need to give it a quick cleaning and a deep cleaning once in a while.

And in this context, we hope this article on cleaning a Ruger Mark III .22 answered all your questions. And we also added instructions for cleaning a Ruger Mark IV on our site. Feel free to give it a read.

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