How to Clean a Winchester Defender Shotgun

When it comes to self-defense guns, Winchester Defender shotguns can be proven to be the best in the industry. However, without proper maintenance, they can get dirty and damaged in no time. So, do you know how to clean a Winchester Defender shotgun?

Well, unlike most other shotguns, cleaning Winchester guns isn’t anything near easy. However, with enough dedication and patience for following through with specific steps, you will be done with the task in no time.

So, are you interested in knowing more about the cleaning tips? Well, you are in the right place to do so. Scroll down below and keep reading. You will get your answers soon!

How to Clean a Winchester Defender Shotgun

While there are plenty of manners that you can elaborate on cleaning your Winchester gun, the tasks can all be categorized into five major parts. We have compiled the step-by-step procedure that you can use to clean your shotgun conveniently.

Step 1: Unload and Strip the Gun

cleaning Winchester Defender Shotgun

The first step is the lengthiest and most complicated part of these five-step procedures. This is even more true for someone who has never unloaded or cleaned a gun before. If you can manage to complete this step, we can say that you are done with 50 percent of your menial tasks.

We advise you to start with depressing the recoil plug off and then moving on to the slide stop to pop it out, which will drag the slide off the frame and pull out the barrel. The other parts attached to the barrel will come off automatically. You can finally move on to the scope and trigger afterward.

Step 2: Clean the Gun

shotgun cleaning

The second step is the main subject of our guide content which involves cleaning the shotgun. We advise you to make plans on which parts to clean first since it is quite easy to lose small gears once they have been disassembled.

Dip a wipe or rug in an appropriate solvent like gun cleaner or hydrogen peroxide and wipe the gun’s parts with it. You can also use cotton swabs to clean the tight corners that your hands can’t get into.

Step 3: Apply Lubricants

Apply Lubricants in shotgun

Once you’re done with the cleaning, you can rub lubricants on the gun barrel and its other auxiliary pieces. Proper lubricant is a must in the procedure if you want to keep using your shotgun for a long time without replacing it.

This is because lubricants decrease the chance of rusting in the gun’s metal parts. Furthermore, the shotgun will show a smoother performance once it has been oiled.

Step 4: Dry the Gun

Once you are done with the cleaning and oiling, it is necessary that you dry them up before assembling them back.

You can use dry wipes or microfiber cloths to wipe the gun properly. This should remove any excess oil or moisture particles from the gun. Additionally, you can also opt for wax treatments or other gun caring treatments to make the shotgun look even better.

Step 5: Assemble Them Back

The final step is to assemble back all the parts the same way you have stripped them. If you can’t assemble them back, you can read for tips from the gun user’s manual. Do not assemble the gun hastily since you can make mistakes on certain parts.

Move with caution and once you are done, make sure to inspect the gun properly to ensure that it is working with its optimal performance.

Is the Winchester SXP defender a Good Shotgun?

If you are wondering whether the Winchester SXP defer is a good gun and whether it is worth your purchase, then do note that you are in good luck.

The Winchester SXP Defender is a moderately decent military-grade gun, and there are plenty of reasons which support our statement.

We have compiled some of these key reasons or features that stand to prove why the SPX to defer is clearly a good gun. And of course, how to clean Winchester SXP Defenders guide for you to give it a proper wash.


The handling might be the greatest and most enjoyable feature of this shotgun. It has been textured with stock and ribbing along the forearm, which contributes to assisting the user while shooting. Additionally, recoil pads have been fixed with the trigger to prevent accidents from recoil.


Although the accuracy is subpar, since the shotgun comes with an aim-assist system, the shotgun has a pretty decent fire output. One thing that any shooter is satisfied with this gun is that the firepower has a very strong output.

Fast Usage

The shotgun has been manufactured with aluminum alloy with a PDE finish. As a result, not only is it light, it can also be used for rapid-fire situations with an easier pumping rate.

How Much is a Winchester SXP Defender Worth?   

The Winchester SFX might be an old gun; however, it has pretty decent performance and firing rate. With all things considered, the gun isn’t as pricey as most other shotguns.

The market price for a new Winchester SXP is set at 378.03 USD. Do note that the value of the shotgun was even lower in the past. Since its manufacture has decreased, the selling price of the gun has increased.

If you are considering buying used shotguns, they could vary at a multitude of ranges. The average cost for a used SPX is about 248.50 USD.

Do You Have to Take a Shotgun Apart to Clean It?

Cleaning is a very important routine task that every gun owner, whether it is military or private, should follow. The cleaner and better maintained your gun is, the longer it will last and the better output it will give.

Simply cleaning will not necessarily mean that your entire maintenance task is done. You always strip the shotgun apart before cleaning it. This will maximize the efficiency of how you clean the gun.

How Many Shells Does a Winchester 1300 Hold?

The shotgun comes with a magazine tube that can hold six 2¾-inch bullets or shells. The caliber of shells allowed can either be 12, 16, or 20. Done that this is only for older guns. The shotguns made nowadays can only hold about 4 or 5 of the same shell caliber size.


Guns haven’t been used as weapons of mass killing in a very long time. Instead, weapons are being utilized for self-defense and recreational purposes. Winchester shotguns have a reputation for being dependable and simple to use and handle in the shotgun world.

The high-accuracy shooting makes these shotguns a good investment whether you want to buy them for hunting or self-defense. Also, because we’ve already shown you how to clean a Winchester Defender Shotgun, make sure you clean it correctly.

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