How to Clean Winchester SXP Defender

When it comes to shotguns, Winchester SXP defenders have a significant user base both among the military and private gun owners. However, not everyone knows how to clean Winchester SXP Defender shotguns properly.

When cleaning the shotgun, there are several necessary procedures. However, they can all be broken down into four main steps- stripping or unloading, cleaning, lubricating, and assembling.

So, have you decided to take proper maintenance for your defender yet? Well, it is high time that you did if you want the gun to last for extended periods with the best performance possible!

How to Clean Winchester SXP Defender

Proper gun cleaning can be a precarious task, especially for someone who has never used or cleaned a gun before. We are aware that it is very complicated. That is why we have provided you with a step-by-step procedure that has been as simplified as possible to clean a Winchester Defender.

Step 1: Stripping

shotgun Stripping

The first step is the most time-consuming and complicated of the entire gun maintenance guide. If you can completely strip away all retractable parts of the gun, we can say that you are done with at least 50 percent of the menial task.

Unload the gun before you strip it. Start with the rails and then move on to the recoil plug. Slide the slide stop so that frame and barrel can be freed. Finally, remove the trigger assembly and any other smaller internal gears.

Step 2: Cleaning

cleaning SXP Defender

Once you have managed to strip the gun, properly lay the gun and its gears on a horizontal table. Also, plan out which parts you will be cleaning first and organize them accordingly since it is easy to lose the smaller gears.

Dip a microfiber wipe or cloth on an appropriate gun cleaning solvent and then use it to wipe the gun and its unassembled parts. Use cotton swabs to clean tight corners that can’t be accessed easily.

Step 3: Lubricating

Lubricating Winchester SXP Defender

After you are done cleaning, you can move on to lubricating the shotgun and its auxiliary parts. Start with the larger parts before moving on to the smaller gears. Proper lubricant is a must in the procedure if you want to keep using your shotgun for a long time without replacing it.

This is because lubricants decrease the chance of rusting in the gun’s metal parts. Furthermore, the shotgun will show a smoother performance once it has been oiled. 

Step 4: Reassembling

Reassembling SXP Defender

Once you’re done with the cleaning, let the unassembled shotgun dry by leaving it alone for a few minutes. Afterward, reassemble them back since your work is done. Make sure to carry out a shooting test to ensure that the gun is working properly.

Why Should You Clean Winchester SXP Defender Regularly?

So, are you wondering why exactly you should be cleaning your gun regularly? Well, a clean, well-maintained shotgun carries a lot of advantages and benefits for the user to enjoy.

Below, we have compiled some of the main reasons and benefits that you can enjoy if you dedicate yourself to properly cleaning your shotgun in regular intervals.

Rusting and Corrosion

The gears that are used inside shotguns are made from metal that are susceptible to rust in most cases. While substituting for the manufacturing material isn’t a plausible option, taking care of the metal so that it doesn’t rust is an option.

Applying lubricant to the gun is part of the cleaning process that is used to reduce the chances of rusting and corrosion while increasing the life expectancy of the shotgun.

Familiarising with the Gun

Sometimes, being familiar with the gun and how it works can help give you an edge over your target. The easiest way that you can get familiar with your shotgun is when you have a habit of stripping, cleaning, lubricating, and finally reassembling the gun.

Preventing Malfunctions

Other than rust and corrosion, shotguns are also prone to many other malfunctioning issues like a misfire or hardened triggers due to blockage in the vents.

Most people often think that malfunctioning of the gun is a manufacturing mistake. However, they are wrong since the root of the cause lies in the accumulation of scrapped-off metal from the bullets or even dust from the surrounding area.

When we clean the gun, we are getting rid of these dust particles and improving the gun’s performance.

What Is the Market Price of Winchester SXP Defender?

While the market price for the defender shotgun has changed over time since the first time it was introduced, the current cost price for buying a brand new SXP defender is around 378.03 USD.

If you’re looking for a second-hand shotgun, the price will set you back at 248.50 USD

Do note that both the first-hand and second-hand prices were included at the time of writing this content are not permanent. If supply or demand for the gun changes the next day, the price might either fall or rise depending on the situation.

Is the Winchester SXP Good?

While there are several places where improvements are more than welcome, overall, the gun has shown very satisfactory performance.

Whether you are from the military or a private hunter, there are several reasons why you can consider investing in the Winchester SXP gun. We have listed out some of these points below:

  • Excellent handling with textured forearm holders.
  • Paddings for recoil protection
  • Features aim to assist the mechanism
  • It can be used for rapid-fire situations
  • Hydraulic mechanisms for strong fire output


Well, by now, you shouldn’t have any excuses since you know everything on how to clean Winchester SXP Defender properly. Not only does proper cleaning decrease the chances of rusting or corrosion that could affect the gun’s performance, but it also increases the shelf life of the gun.

We know that many people might not be up to the cleaning task because of how time-consuming and complicated it is for an amateur. In such cases, you are advised to seek help in cleaning from a gun mechanic. Even then, never skip on the cleaning!

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