How to Clean Overlapping Sliding Shower Doors

If soap and dirty water accumulate in the aperture of your sliding shower door, don’t start panicking! This is a quite common problem. However, if the sliding doors overlap, this could prove to be quite a tedious and uncommon chore to clean. Well, do you know how to clean overlapping sliding shower doors?

There are many tricks and techniques that you can use to clean every nook and cranny of your overlapping sliding shower door. One of the most common ways is to fix a sponge at the tip of a stick and slide it through the crevices where your hand cannot. As for the door’s body, you can clean it simply with any old rug!

However, that is not the only trick you can get to clean the overlapping sliding doors in your bathroom. Well, if you are interested to know more? All you can do is to keep reading then!

How to Clean Overlapping Sliding Shower Doors?

Cleaning Overlapping Sliding Doors isn’t really tough. It is just as easy as when you are cleaning any other doors. However, that doesn’t mean that all methods are effective.

If you want to clean the overlapping sliding shower doors properly, follow these steps by the letter.

Step 1: Detach the Door

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the rail from the sliding door. Gently remove the door from its place and place it safely so that it doesn’t break.

Step 2: Cleaning the Rail

When you clean the rail, you could use toothpaste and brush for this purpose or a high-pressure jet pipe. Anyone will do since they are both highly effective.

Step 3: Cleaning the Glass

First, mix lukewarm water with a cleaning agent. You can use an all-purpose cleaner as well. Fill up a spray bottle with the mixture and apply it to the glass. Finally, use a wipe to wipe off the glass. Once you are done with the cleaning, you can screw back the doors to the rail.

How Do You Clean Between Sliding Glass Doors? 

Make some preparations ahead of time if you wish to clean between the crevices of your sliding door.

Cleaning Between Sliding Glass Doors

To Cleaning Between Sliding Glass Doors, keep a few things at a safe distance from you when cleaning between sliding glass doors. These are soap cleaning liquid and a sponge at the tip of the stick.

As long as you have these items with you, you can move on top of the main instructions of how to clean overlapping shower doors:

Step 1: Dip the Sponge into An Antiseptic

Once you have fixed a sponge at the tip of a stick, dip it into an antiseptic cleaning liquid.

Step 2: Squeeze Properly

Squeeze the sponge property can absorb the cleaning liquid properly.

Step 3: Clean the Crevices

Push the sponge through the crevices of the sliding door and start scrubbing from the edge. Keep repeating the process till all the grub and grime have been cleaned off. Additionally, change your water after using it for some time.

Step 4: Remove Excess Water

Lastly, take another piece of sponge and stick set up and dip in clear water. Make sure to remove any excess water that might accumulate.

Step 5: Scrub the Overlapping Parts

Push the new sponge through the overlapping parts and scrub it once. This will remove the water from collecting between the sliding door and prevent any chances of rusting.

How Do You Clean Sliding Shower Door Tracks?

If you are done with the crevices of your sliding door, you can move on to clean the tracks of your sliding door.

How Do You Clean a Sliding Shower Door Track

Cleaning the tracks of your sliding door isn’t really hard. The only auxiliary fluid that will come into use for this task is vinegar. Of course, you can also use other chemicals and cleaning tools that contain the same properties as acetic acid.

Once you have got your hands on the auxiliary cleaning fluid, you can move on to the main instructions.

Step 1: Apply White Vinegar

Apply white vinegar in the tracks of your sliding door. You can use cotton slabs to achieve this task. We don’t want the tracks to overflood with vinegar, do not use too much vinegar.

Step 2: Wait for A Few Minutes

Wait for a few minutes for the acid to sit down, then start scrubbing the intended area with a brush to remove any stain.

Step 3: Spray Water

Spray water on the track to remove any excess vinegar that might not have reacted.

Step 4: Wipe with Microfibre

Wipe the area with a wipe or microfibre cloth. Repeat the process till the track is completely clean and free from water and excess vinegar.

Can You Remove Sliding Shower Doors to Clean?

How to clean overlapping sliding shower doors? Well, removing the sliding doors is also a decent idea to get your job done with the least effort. However, this isn’t recommended for everyone since it involves several technical points.

If you want to remove the sliding shower door to clean the crevices, you will be required to use several tools. We know that you might not have all these tools, so a screwdriver will more than suffice. In addition, you will also need anti-bacterial fluids, bleach, and cleaning liquid.

Follow the following steps once you have managed to get the required tools and chemicals that will be used here:

Step 1: Unscrew the Stopper

First, unscrew the stopper on the door using a screwdriver.

Step 2: Detach the Door

Once you have removed the stopper, get a grip on the door and slide it off gently. Push the door upwards and towards your direction to get the job done with minimal effort.

Step 3: Repeat for the Other Door

Repeat the whole process to get the other shower door out of its place.

Step 4: Place the Doors Properly

Once the doors have been removed, place them in a safe place so that they do not fall down from the position and shatter.

Step 5: Clean the Tracks

Clean off the tracks and the crevices where the door was placed with cleaning liquids and bleach of your preference.

Step 6: Reinstall the Doors

Once you have cleaned the trails and crevices, you can reinstall the doors back.

How Do You Clean the Bottom of a Sliding Glass Shower Door?

Let’s say that you do not have much time to clean the crevices of your sliding door or do not want to work as hard. In that case, we have the right thing for you. You can opt for high-pressure water tools instead of spending hours scrubbing, cleaning fluids, and making your door bottom shine.

How Do You Clean the Bottom of a Sliding Glass Shower Doors

High-pressure pipes are an acceptable way to clean the bottom of your sliding door. All you need to do is mix the water with cleaning agents like vinegar, soap, lemon juice, and baking soda. Once the mixture has been prepared, you can spray it towards the bottom of your shower door with a high-pressure pipe. 

Do note that this method isn’t perfect. It is only a temporary setup, not an ideal alternative.


With this, you should know everything about cleaning overlapping sliding shower doors. We recommend that you remove the doors to clean the crevices. This is the most effective method since we are scrubbing off the stains after observing with our own eyes.

Alternatively, you could also hire help from professionals to get the best service on cleaning the bathroom doors. They will be done in a few minutes for the task you have spent hours trying to find a way for. Trust us, and don’t delay your cleaning. You will only regret it later on!    

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