how to clean light pull cord with toothpaste

Do you clean your light pull cords regularly? Not many people do. As a matter of fact, most people tend to neglect their light pull cords till it becomes sticky and brown. So do you know how to clean a light pull cord with toothpaste?

Well, that’s easy. All you need to do is dismantle the pull cord from the ceiling. Then you will be required to rub the cord with toothpaste using any old brush until the cord becomes sparkling white.

Are you surprised that toothpaste can be used to solve such a strange problem? You should be because few people are aware of this. However, that is not all you are required to do for cleaning the light pull cord. Scroll down and keep reading to know the detailed procedure!

How Do You Clean a Dirty Light Pull Cord?

light pull cord

Cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Because of how frequent it is, it isn’t worth fussing about. If you have a dirty light pull cord in your bathroom, you should clean it as soon as possible. Have faith in me. You don’t want to pull a tangled rope if you can help it.

The trick here is to use toothpaste to clean dirty pull chords. Toothpaste is a very useful substance and one of humanity’s greatest inventions. Toothpaste contains helpful enzymes that look out for germs on the surface of your subject.

When it finds these germs, the enzymes attach themselves to them and carry out erasure. Herbs like eucalyptus are responsible for removing any stain and bad smell.

While we have given the toothpaste method, there is another traditional method. Use the following step-by-step guide for this method. Do note that it might not be as effective as the former. However, it is more widely spread.

Step 1: Mix and Pour

To start off with, mix bleach with water within a ratio of 1:1. Then pour this mixture into an air-tight bag.

Step 2: Tie the Setting

Tie the bag with the pull cord and twist with clips or ropes. While you are tying the setting, make sure to do it carefully so that the mixture doesn’t spill.

Step 3: Wait

Leave the setting for a few hours, and it will work like wonders.

How Do You Clean Curtain Ropes?

Clean Curtain Ropes

Curtains are very important accessories of your house, and their ropes are just as crucial. The ropes are responsible for holding the curtains in place. However, unlike the curtains, you cannot clean these ropes in a washing machine.

Specific preparations need to be taken when cleaning the ropes. To start with, fill a spray bottle with carbonated water at room temperature and mix with 1 tablespoon of washing detergent. Place the rope on top of a plastic bag, and start cleaning.

When cleaning, the first thing you will do is remove all the dust, hair, cribs, etc., from the rope surface. Use a duster or brush with a soft bristle for this. Curtain ropes can be delicate sometimes. That is why you need to clear away all the specks of dust with precise movement that won’t tear the rope.

You will now be using the spray mixture that we created before. Spray a dash of the cleaning mixture into a corner of the rope’s head. Carry out the spraying until the entire rope becomes wet. Finally, let the rope dry on top of the plastic bag. Remove any residual moisture that might accumulate over the bag.

How Do You Clean Roman Blind Cords?

Not everyone likes to use curtains. If you are one of these people, you can replace your old curtain with a roman blind. Unlike most curtains, you do not need to maintain the blind regularly or its cords. However, do note that Roman blinds suit smaller windows rather than an entire big window or balcony. That’s why when you use blinds, use them sparingly.

When it comes to cleaning Roman blind cords, it depends on the fabric or material from which the cord is made. All materials have different cleaning requirements. You should take advice from a professional or the manufacturer regarding the cleaning before taking any further steps.

However, you can use bleach and water mixture to clean the cords if, for some reason, you cannot take the advice. Bleach water is the oldest solution in the book. Use the following step-by-step guide to your own advantage.

Step 1: Mix

In a bucket of hot water, mix bleach within a ratio of 1:1.

Step 2: Pour and Lock

Pour some of that mixture into an air-tight bag. Use rubber bands or clippers to lock the bag so that the mixture doesn’t spill.

Step 3: Tie the Setting

Tie the bag with the roman blind cord and twist. While you are tying the setting, make sure to do it carefully so that the mixture doesn’t spill.

Step 4: Wait

Leave the cord for a few hours before removing the setting. Let the chord dry once the setting has been removed. You should never use the chord while it is still wet.

What Is Light Pull Cord?

Light pull cords are essential aspects of your house. They come in different shapes, lengths, sizes, and vectors. Depending on how they are designed, light pull cords serve various functions.

In short, a light pull cord is a switch that is actuated by means of a chain or string. It uses the concept of a pulley to switch the power supply on so that electricity can transfer to the appliance it is connected to. The most common use of a light pull cord is to operate an electric ceiling light.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are only used in electric light. Aside from electric light, pull cords are also used in electric fans, toilet flushes, window blinds, and train stopping mechanisms.

Pull cords operate through the concept of pulleys. They may be either two-position (open or closed) or multi-position (allowing for different fan speeds or illumination levels).


By now, you should know everything that you need to do regarding how to clean light pull cords with toothpaste, but if you are still hungry to learn more you can check out our how to clean light pullcord the ultimate guide section. You should also have additional knowledge regarding various other aspects of your home interiors.

Being clean is crucially important. No matter how busy you are, you should keep some time free from your schedule. Clean every nook and cranny of your house, no matter how mundane it may appear. In the grand scheme of healthy living, you won’t regret it!

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