Can You Use Caustic Soda to Clean Floor Tiles

How to clean tough stains off of floor tiles? Get rid of those tough water stains in your home with the help of cleaning agents. But can you use caustic soda to clean floor tiles? Cleaning floor tiles can be quite a daunting task, but the task becomes easier if you have the correct cleaning agent in your hands.

No, you cannot use caustic soda to clean floor tiles. It is a weak base that is more corrosive than lye and sulfuric acid. Hence, it is highly advisable not to regularly use caustic sodas to clean floor tiles. However, you can use them occasionally.

So, what is the best you to clean tiles? Read this article below to get all your answers.

How to Use Caustic Soda for Cleaning?

Caustic soda works best for removing oil off surfaces, and it’s also a great cleaner for drains and blockages.

To produce a simple degreaser, mix 16 oz caustic soda beads, 10 oz trisodium phosphate, and 5-ounce dawn in a 5-gallon plastic bucket. Only 4 oz of caustic soda and 4 oz of potassium hydroxide are necessary for cleaning waste mats with rich animal fats.

1.    Cleaning Heavily Greased Materials

Cleaning Heavily Greased Materials

Here are the steps required to remove greased materials using caustic soda:

Step 1: Solution Preparation

The first step is to prepare the caustic soda solution following the above measurements. If you wish to clean the bigger area, you will need more solutions.

Step 2: Getting All Safety Gears

Caustic soda can be seriously harmful to your skin, so it is important to use gloves and safety goggles while working with this.

Step 3: Pour the Solution into the Greased Area

Carefully pour down the solution in the floor, your trash mats, or any area with animal fat or grease. Make sure that the solution has reached every corner. Use a mop to spread it evenly.

Step 4: Clean the Area

After successfully spreading the solution everywhere, you will need to rub the area using a mop. Keep rubbing the area until all the grease comes out.

If you are cleaning a small area, you can use a small rough cloth for cleaning.

Step 5: Water Cleaning

After rubbing for a few minutes, all the grease should come out. Now, you will need another mop and plain water. Pour water over the previously caustic soda spread area, rub it well with water, and mop until all the caustic soda goes out.

Properly pour a few more gallons of water on the area and let it dry before using it again.

2.    Cleaning Drains and Blocked Pipelines

Cleaning drains and blocked pipelines are easier than removing grease from a surface.

Cleaning Drains and block pipelines

Step 1: Solution Preparation

The first step is again the same; you need to prepare the solution. But here, you will need much fewer solutions. Use the measurement as we discussed above.

Step 2: Pour the Solution

Pour the solution slowly over the drain and block pipelines for a few minutes. Keep doing the process until the clogs open up. However, if the clog doesn’t open up properly, use a thin metal stick, push it in the drain, and block pipes. Slowly all the blocks should open up.

Step 3: Clean the Area

Make sure to pour fresh, clean water over the drain and pipe after cleaning it with caustic soda solution.

What Is the Best Cleaning Solution for Ceramic Tile Floors?

Ceramic tile floors

As we said earlier, caustic soda can’t be used to clean floor tiles. So now the real question comes what the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors is. Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for flooring. Ceramic is durable and requires little maintenance, but it must be cared for to look its best.

All you need to keep your tile floors spotless are Lemon juice and vinegar. They both are excellent all-purpose cleansers. Cleaning the porcelain tiles with vinegar or lemon juice is the most effective approach to removing stains and easily cleaning the floor’s remainder.

Other cleaning solutions are available in the market for cleaning the wall tiles and floor. But nothing works like the vinegar and lemon juice solution.

How to Use Vinegar and Lemon Juice Solution to Clean the Floors?

To begin, make a solution with 2 cups of warm water, 1/4 cup white vinegar, and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix the solution thoroughly before transferring it to a spray bottle. Take a microfiber towel and wipe it down.

Wait five minutes after completely spraying the stain. Wipe the affected area dry with a cloth or paper towel. Repeat until the stain is removed. This cleaning procedure may be used as often as necessary without causing any damage to the tile.

How to Remove Grout from Floor Tiles?

Even though vinegar and lemon juice solution work best for cleaning floor and wall tiles, you need hydrogen peroxide solution to clean grout between floor tiles.

At first, mix ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide very well with 2 cups of cold water and fill the solution inside a spray bottle. Use the spray bottle to spray this mixture directly over the grout and wait for at least 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, rub with a brush or scrubbing brush, then absorb up any extra liquid with a sponge. Use a dry towel to wipe off the grout lines to finish the cleaning.

What Can You Clean with Caustic Soda?

Caustic soda’s primary applications are drainpipe cleaning, unclogging drains, and removing built-up grease from ovens. It will also transform fats and grease that block pipes into soap, which dissolves in water.

Toilet Cleaner

Caustic soda is used as a toilet cleaner. It works by eliminating and dissolving limescale resulting in a completely functional toilet.

Shower Cleaner

Fill your shower or basin with hot water, add some caustic soda flakes, mix to dissolve, and then remove the stopper. And it does a good job of cleaning the entire shower or basin.

Oven Cleaner

You can mix a caustic soda solution and apply it to the grease accumulation inside the oven for 10 minutes. This solution should then be wiped down and allowed to dry, removing any greases on the surface.

Drain Cleaner

Caustic soda is an excellent drain cleaner. It can remove tough blockages inside the drain with ease.

Which Chemical Is Used to Clean Floor Tiles?

If you do not like homemade solutions, then there are many different chemicals available to help you clean floor tiles.

  • Armstrong Flooring Once ‘n Done Floor Cleaner
  • Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner
  • Aunt Fanni’s Floor Cleaner Vinegar Wash

Even though we have mentioned three chemical cleaners for floor tiles, there are thousands of other options to choose from. But for us, these three cleaners stand out from the rest of the lot.

Which Material Should Not Be Cleaned with Caustic Soda?

Even though caustic soda is a great cleaner, there are many materials that should never be cleaned with caustic soda.

You should never use caustic soda should on ceramic tiles. Additionally, you should never clean plastic, aluminum, glass plates, mugs with this type of soda. It can also cause damage to PVC pipes by melting or heating them.

Make sure never to use caustic soda on the materials mentioned above, or else you will be up for some serious trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use vinegar to clean pool tile?

Yes, vinegar can be used to clean pool tile. It is a great way to remove calcium and lime deposits. Check out the step-by-step process of how to clean pool tiles with vinegar and pressure washer with ease.

Can Caustic Soda damage concrete?

Yes, Caustic Soda can damage concrete. It can also damage your skin, so be careful when handling it!

Can you use magic eraser on tile?

Yes, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is great for cleaning tiles! The eraser foam is gentle yet effective at removing dirt, grime, and streaks from all surfaces, including tiles. Just wet the eraser and start scrubbing! Let the eraser sit on the spot for extra tough spots for a few seconds before scrubbing.


Can you use caustic soda to clean floor tiles? The simplest answer is no; you can’t. If you really want the longevity of your floor tiles and want to see them clean, then you should never use caustic soda on them.

Our guide includes cleaning formulas for both daily and intensive cleaning chores on ceramic tile floors. So please read them and have a new-looking floor in no time.

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