How to Clean Light Pull Cord

Cleaning the light pull cord in your bathroom or kitchen can be tough. This is even more so due to the fact that people tend to neglect cleaning the cord till the last minute possible. So, do you know how to clean the light pull cord properly?

Well, to someone who has never cleaned a light pull cord, it might appear to be complicated. In truth, it is absolutely easy. All you need to do is mix up a little bit of bleach, a cleaning agent, and hot water. Tie the setting up to the cord, and sit tight because your job is done. When you tie the setting after half an hour, the cord might start sparkling!

Are you caught in the loop yet? Well, there are plenty more things that you need to understand before attempting this chore. So scroll down and keep reading. You will get all your answers soon!

How Do You Clean A Light Pull Cord?

Cleaning might be boring, especially when it is a tedious task that requires hours of dedication and planning. However, if you think it through on “how to clean a dirty light pull cord?” you will be able to pull through and finish cleaning in no time.

The easiest method that you can use to clean the light pull cord is to use bleach water. Well, it is very simple. The process is simple, and all you need to do is follow through with the following guide.

Step 1: Prepare the Mixture

In a bucket of boiling water, mix the bleach in the ratio of 1:2. When the mixture has been properly formed, add a cleaning agent according to your preference. You can use Mr. Clean or any other multi-purpose cleaner.

Step 2: Tie

Take a bit of the mixture in a plastic ziplock bag and tie the setting to the cord with a rubber band or clippers.

Step 3: Twist the Bag

You can twist the bag tightly so that no water mixture can spill out while the process is going on.

Step 4: Wait

Let the setting stay for a few hours before disassembling it. You will find out that your light pull cord has been cleaned. It will sparkle just as it did the first time you bought it in the store.

Aside from using bleach or other cleaning agents, you could also use toothpaste to clean the cords. In fact, using toothpaste is a much better option since bleach isn’t really a healthy substance to work with and it’s even more dangerous to mix Bleach with Mr. Clean floor cleaner.

When using the toothpaste, all you need to do is scrub the light pull cord with an old toothbrush and toothpaste. It is just as easy as it is effective.

How Do You Clean Blind Pulls?

Blind pulls are essential accessories in a household. They are one of the ideal alternatives to curtains and serve even more practicality than their other counterparts. That is why you must clean blinds on time. If these pull cords are made from metal, as they are typical, they could rust when left dirty.

Cleaning Blind Pulls

You might need to make special preparations when working on those alluring blind pulls. First, fill a spray bottle with carbonated water and a tablespoon of washing agent as per your preference. Wait for a few minutes so that they can mix properly. You can start the cleaning process once the mixing is done.

Then, you can move on to the following step-by-step guide to get your job done easily.

Step 1: Preparations

Ensure that the pulls are dry in the first place. If they aren’t, you can use a rag or wipe to wipe them dry.

Step 2: Spray

Then spray mist from the container of water and cleaner mixture. Spray so that the entirety of the pool is wet but not flooded. You can place an old paper below to not stain the floors.

Step 3: Dry

Afterward, use a microfiber washcloth or any wiper to wipe the water clean. You can also avail help from a hair drier so that the blind pull cord can dry quickly. Finally, dust with a duster gently to remove any last remaining impurities.

How Do You Fix A Pull Cord on A Light?

Light Pull Cords can be used with many different appliances, including bathroom curtains, window blinds, fans, and other similar electrical appliances. When it comes to cleaning the pull cord on a light, you do it just like any different cord.

Pull Cord on Light

You start with collecting a mixture of boiling water, bleach, and cleaning agent in a spraying bottle while maintaining the appropriate ratios. Afterward, you can spray the mist of the bleach mixture on the electric pull cord of the light.

Afterward, use the following guide to complete your cleaning task,

Step 1: Spray

Carry out the spraying till the entire cord is wet. However, do not spray too much such that the pull cord floods with water.

Step 2: Protect the floors

You can also place a plastic bag or file or old papers below to prevent the water from seeping into the floor and causing stains.

Step 3: Dry

Once you are done with the spraying, you can opt to use a hairdryer to dry the cord.

Step 4: Wipe

Finally, use a microfiber washcloth to wipe the pull cords. This will remove any extra water particles that might have been retained.

How Do You Clean Roman Blind Cords?

Roman Blind cords are pretty similar to your regular light pull cord. However, instead of being used in electrical appliances and the bathroom, it is used to control window blinds.

Roman Blind Cords

When it comes to cleaning Roman blind cords, it depends on the fabric or material from which the cord is made. All materials have different cleaning requirements. You should take advice from a professional or the manufacturer regarding the cleaning before taking any further steps.

You can also use bleach and water mixture to clean the cords if, for some reason, you cannot take the advice. Bleach water is the oldest solution in the book. All you need to do is follow through with the following step by step guide:

Step 1: Mix

In a bucket of hot water, mix bleach within a ratio of 1:1.

Step 2: Pour and Lock

Pour some of that mixture into an air-tight bag. Use rubber bands or clippers to lock the bag so that the mixture doesn’t spill.

Step 3: Tie the Setting

Tie the bag with the roman blind cord and twist. While you are tying the setting, make sure to do it carefully so that the mixture doesn’t spill.

Step 4: Wait

Leave the cord for a few hours before removing the setting. Let the chord dry once the setting has been removed. You should never use the chord while it is still wet.


By now, you should know a lot about how to clean light pull cords and related topics. Being clean is crucially essential for every human being.

No matter how busy your life is, you should appropriately make a gap in your schedule and clean your house regularly. Do not avoid any nook and cranny, including the light pull cord, no matter how tough it may be. Being clean is vital for leading a healthy life!

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