How to Vacuum In-Between Car Seats

Do you feel like your car is constantly cluttered and messy? If so, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people find it challenging to clean their vehicle, especially between seats. In this blog post, we will teach you how to vacuum in between the car seats in just 6 easy steps!

To vacuum in between car seats, remove the junk between the car seats, remove the carpets from your vehicle, vacuum and sweep around the console and car seats, and remove any dirt that has gathered in crevices.

Keeping your car clean can be a daunting task, but following these simple tips will help make the process a little easier.

Tools You’ll Need

When vacuuming your car, the space between the seats can be one of the most challenging areas to reach. However, with the right tools, you can do it quite easily.

Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

The first tool you will need is a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. It will help to loosen any dirt or debris trapped in the crevices.

Bristle Brush

Car Bristle Brush

Next, you will need a bristle brush. It will help to agitate all the dirt and debris, making it easier to vacuum up.

Microfiber Cloth

Car Microfiber Cloth

You will need a microfiber cloth or dry cloth. It will help to wipe away any moisture that may be present. With these three tools, you can quickly and easily vacuum in between car seats.

Crevice Tool

Car Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool

The following tool you will need is a crevice tool. This narrow and slender tool makes it perfect for reaching tight spaces. Attach it to your vacuum cleaner and start maneuvering it around the cracks and crevices of your car seats.

Detailing Brush

Car Detailing Brush

You will need a detailing brush. This brush is designed for delicate surfaces to be gentle on your car upholstery. Use it to dust off any loose dirt or dust before you start vacuuming.

Small Paintbrush

Small Paintbrush

Finally, you will need a small paintbrush (or toothbrush). This brush will help you Dust off hard-to-reach areas or apply soap for tougher stains. Vacuuming your car doesn’t have to be a chore if you have the right tools.


elbow grease

To make your car’s seat rails move more smoothly, you can use elbow grease or apply a lubricant.

How to Vacuum In-Between Car Seats – Step by Step Guide

Well, it’s time to clean between the space of your car seats. This little pocket of filth can be pretty gross and unappealing. Thankfully, you can take a few simple steps to clean out this space and make your car feel significantly fresher and inviting.

With just a few minutes of effort, you can transform your car’s icky seat and center console into a clean and refreshing oasis.

Step 1: Remove the Junk Between the Car Seats

First, remove all the apparent trash, including dust particles, dirty food wrappers, air fresheners bottles, old receipts, or dirty juice cans. Once you’ve cleared out the big stuff, take a vacuum cleaner and give the area a good once-over. It will help to remove any smaller pieces of dirt and dust that may be lurking.

Step 2: Remove Carpets from Your Vehicle

Over time, carpet in a car’s interior can become matted and stained, making it difficult to keep the car clean. In addition, it can hold onto unpleasant odors, making it even more important to remove them regularly.

The process of removing carpet from cars is relatively simple.

  1. First, remove the floor mats. Next, pull up the carpeting, starting at one corner of the car and working your way around.
  2. Using a vacuum cleaner with attachments, you can get rid of nooks and crannies.
  3. Once the carpet is removed, the car’s interior will need to be thoroughly cleaned, including shampooing or using soap on the mat.

Either way, removing carpet from a car’s interior is vital to keeping the car clean and fresh.

Step 3: Vacuum and Sweep Around the Console and Car Seats

The car interior is important to keep clean for two reasons: where you sit and where your passengers sit.

You want to ensure that your car is comfortable and inviting for you and your passengers.

  1. You should start with the front car seats before moving over to the back seats, which are most important to keep clean since they’re the dirtiest.
  2. You should use a handheld bristle brush to clean in between the cracks and scrub away any stubborn dirt.
  3. If it’s far-reaching, you’ll want to use a crevice tool.
  4. Vacuum and sweep around the console and car seats.

Step 4: Remove or relocate the vehicle seats

Removing or relocating the front seats is a common practice in car washes. Unfortunately, this exposes the seat track rails, which are difficult to clean without removing or moving the seats. The back seats are usually left in place, but the seat backs may be removed to allow better access for cleaning. When the seats are removed or moved, it gives space to clean the remaining dirt from the seat tracks.

Here are the steps to remove your car seat:

  1. Remove the screws from the underside of the seat.
  2. Gently pry up on the edges of the seat until it pops loose from the car.
  3. Slide the seat out and set it aside.
  4. To reinstall, reverse these steps.

If your car has movable seats, you should move them to the front so you can clean the back. Then, push the seat back to clean the front after cleaning the back.

Step 5: Clean the Car Seat Railing

Over time, dirt and dust can build up on the railings, making it difficult for the seats to slide back and forth. In addition, the build-up of dirt can eventually lead to rusting.

Here are the steps to cleaning your car seat rails:

  1. Start by using compressed air to remove any loose dirt and dust.
  2. Then, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the railings.
  3. Put lubricant or elbow grease to get a smooth surface.
  4. Finally, use a steam cleaner to loosen any stubborn dirt.
  5. Allow the railings to air dry before checking them for cleanliness.

With a little effort, you can keep your car’s seat railings clean and functioning properly for years to come.

Step 6: Remove Any Dirt That Has Gathered in the Crevices and Folds

Cloth car seats can develop a musty smell over time if they’re left untouched. To prevent this, be sure to clean and vacuum your car’s upholstery regularly. If you do notice a musty smell, you can try using a natural fabric refresher or an upholstery cleaner specifically designed for removing odors.

Here are the steps to cleaning your car seat cover:

  1. To remove any dirt that has gathered in the crevices and folds of your seats, start by vacuuming them with the vacuum hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies, as even a tiny amount of remaining dirt can cause unwanted odors.
  3. If you have removable cloth car seats, you may also want to wash them in your washing machine using a mild detergent.
  4. You can also use a cloth and upholstery cleaner to spot clean any areas that seem especially dirty.

Once you’re vacuuming and cleaning your seats, spray them with a fabric refresher to help eliminate any lingering odors.

Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning a Car Seat

When you think about cleaning your vehicle’s interior, the seats are probably one of the first things that come to mind. But before you break out the shampoo and scrub brush, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Double-check the manufacturer’s instructions – some seats may require special care or cleaning products.
  • Take care to vacuum up any dirt, hair, or other debris before you start wetting things down – this will help prevent any unwanted stains.
  • To clean your car’s stains, try blotting them with a sponge or cloth.
  • Be extra careful using a cleaning solution. Always apply the solution with a sponge, working from the outside of the stain inward.
  • The seat cleaning process is crucial and requires care. So, it would be best if you were extra careful when you clean the car seat. The wrong cleaning products can damage your seats, and you don’t want to end up with a bigger problem than you started with.  
  • Ensure you dry the seats thoroughly afterward – no one likes soggy car seats!

Following these simple tips, you can keep your car looking clean and new for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my car seats without a vacuum?

You can clean your car seats without a vacuum by using a wet cloth to wipe down the seats and then using a dry cloth to dry them off. Remember to use gloves.

How do you get crumbs out of car seats?

Spray the seats with a fabric cleaner and brush them off—vacuum up the crumbs and any other dirt or debris. Use a wet cloth to wipe down the seats and dry them thoroughly with a towel.

How do you Hoover a car?

To Hoover a car, you will need a vacuum cleaner with a long hose. First, remove all the dirt, hair, and debris from the seats with a brush attachment. Then, wet down the seats and vacuum them clean. Finally, dry the seats thoroughly with a cloth or air-dryer.

How do you make a straw vacuum?

Take a straw and cut off one end. Make a small hole in the center of the other end and insert one end of the vacuum cleaner hose. Cover the hole with your thumb and turn on the vacuum cleaner. The suction should be strong enough to lift dirt and dust off the floor.

How do you make a vacuum extension?

You can make a vacuum extension by using a PVC pipe. Cut the pipe to the desired length and then drill a hole in one end. Insert the vacuum cleaner hose into the hole and secure it with a clamp. You can use the other end to clean tight spaces or corners.

How do you make a vacuum head?

Take a bucket and cut off the bottom. Drill a hole in the center of the top and insert the end of your vacuum cleaner hose. Cover the hole with your thumb, turn on the vacuum cleaner, and wait for the suction to lift dirt and dust off the floor.

How powerful should a car vacuum be?

A car vacuum should be powerful enough to clean dirt and dust off the floor. It should also have a long hose to reach all the corners and tight spaces in your vehicle.

How much horsepower do car wash vacuums have?

A car wash vacuum’s power is typically between 2 and 5 horsepower. This is more than enough power to get the job done.

Final Words

Well, there you have it—the definitive guide on how to vacuum in between your car seats. We hope you found this post helpful and that it has inspired you to get out there and clean those pesky crevices and folds by yourself. You might feel interested to know more about how to vacuum in small spaces and we have got you covered.

I hope you have found these vacuum in-between car seats instructions helpful and that your car is now looking (and smelling) as good as new. Thanks for being a part of our community of obsessed facts enthusiasts, car owners, drivers, and DIY-ers!

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